Zalando scam makes Vinted users despair

Zalando scam makes Vinted users despair
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Updated on 05/19/2022 15:41

  • on the second-hand platform Vinted is doing the rounds of a scam.
  • Buyers do not receive their purchased goods used, but new from Zalando – and then have to pay for them twice.
  • This is how the scam works and what those affected can do about it.

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There is great joy when you snag a bargain on the Vinted second-hand platform. But when the package is there, this joy can also turn into disappointment. Namely, if the package also includes an invoice from Zalando, in which the goods are listed with the original price. What’s it all about?

The scam works as follows: “Sellers” at Vinted offer tempting bargains at unbelievable prices, collect the money – and then order the goods on Zalando’s behalf in the name of the buyer. They then receive the packages in their original condition and with an enclosed invoice, which of course they still have to pay. They had already paid the salesperson at Vinted.

The problem is probably with both Vinted and Zalando, as reported by “Spiegel”. After all, an account can be created on Zalando without much effort. All you need is your name and address. And this is what the scammers get when selling through Vinted. According to “Spiegel”, when buying on account “in principle (…) you have to type in a date of birth”. However, some fraud professionals apparently circumvent this via a so-called “triangular relationship” by snatching and entering data from a third person from the Internet.

Zalando and Vinted know the problem

Zalando knows the problem, as the company confirms when asked by “Spiegel”. But it keeps the details to itself. However, Zalando will deactivate the associated customer account “immediately” if it learns of such cases, suspend reminders and cancel the relevant Zalando claim.

Vinted is also aware of the scam and would like to take action against it, but according to “Spiegel” no details are disclosed either. It advises fraud victims to contact customer service and the police as soon as possible once the package arrives. After all, buyers only have two days to lodge a complaint after receiving the package. If they are late, the “seller” gets the money – without ever having sold anything.

For Vinted users, this means that if a package arrives in original Zalando packaging and you haven’t ordered anything there, you should contact Zalando, Vinted and the police as soon as possible.
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