Zahavi counters Salihamidzic: “Bayern wanted to replace Lewandowski with Haaland!”

Zahavi counters Salihamidzic: “Bayern wanted to replace Lewandowski with Haaland!”
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Robert Lewandowski would like to leave FC Bayern in the summer and is pushing for a move to FC Barcelona. The Munich team, on the other hand, do not want to let their top scorer go and refer to his current contract until 2023. Now his advisor Pini Zahavi has spoken up for the first time and attacked Bayern sharply. In addition, he revealed spicy details about Erling Haaland and Munich.

Almost 1.5 years after the contract quarrel with David Alaba, Bayern is also threatened with a public mud fight with Robert Lewandowski and the focus is again on player advisor Pini Zahavi. The 78-year-old reacted to the hostility from FCB sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic and launched a counterattack against Bayern Munich.

While Salihamidzic publicly emphasized in the “SPORT1” double pass this Sunday that Bayern Lewandowski made a concrete offer, Zahavi denied this: “No, there was no such offer,” he told “BILD”.

“Lewandowski hasn’t felt respected for months”

The Bosnian also lashed out at Zahavi, stressing that Lewandowski would “turn his head”. The Israeli also clearly denied this: “He would like to leave FC Bayern this summer. Nobody cares about the money here, neither Robert nor me. He hasn’t felt respected by those in charge for months, that’s the truth. FC Bayern did not lose the player Lewandowski, but the person Robert. For Robert Lewandowski, FC Bayern is history.”

Particularly spicy: According to Zahavi, Bayern have been working for months to replace Lewandowski with Erling Haaland: “Robert is a very intelligent person, not just the best striker in the world. He knows exactly what is happening around him and what FC Bayern had planned. So Robert knew all along that Bayern wanted to replace him with Haaland. Erling’s father even confirmed it, telling him in a personal conversation some time ago: ‘My son comes to FC Bayern for 50 percent.’ The football world is big, but there are no secrets…”

Bayern rejected a contract extension in autumn 2021

According to Zahavi, those responsible for Bayern were quite ready to sell Lewandowski for 120 million euros last autumn. According to this, Oliver Kahn & Co. rejected an early extension at the time and set a pain limit for a transfer in the summer: “I said to them: ‘What do you think of a contract extension with Robert?’ The answer: silence. No yes, no no, no maybe, just nothing. So towards the end of the meeting I said, ‘If that’s the case, sell it next summer.’ The answer: ‘We don’t actually want to sell him, but if you bring us an offer for 120 million euros, then we can talk.’ So roughly the amount that a Haaland commitment would have cost in the summer, including all fees.

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