XP Wall in Diablo Immortal: 5 tips for leveling when the story has stopped

XP Wall in Diablo Immortal: 5 tips for leveling when the story has stopped
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Diablo Immortal offers you many leveling activities soon after the start of the campaign, but the story lends itself best to this. However, you quickly face an XP wall and have to reach level 40, for example, in order to be able to continue playing the story. On MeinMMO we will show you how to overcome the XP walls.

What is meant by XP Wall? Diablo Immortal’s story missions are tied to different areas, and each area is divided into different levels. Once you have completed the story in one area, you need a certain minimum level for the campaign in the next area.

If you don’t have the right level yet, you’ll find yourself in front of the XP wall. You will then even be shown as a quest – “Reach level 40”. Only then does the story continue.

However, the story missions will level you up the fastest, and you’ll need to grind a bit to level up. MeinMMO has a few tips for you on how to reduce the XP wall and which activities are worthwhile.

You can find our complete leveling guide with tips and level classes for level 1 to 60 here:

Level up fast in Diablo Immortal – Tips for level 1 to max level 60

1. Use the Battle Pass properly

The Battle Pass is a strong ally when battling the XP wall, as you get a nice chunk of experience points every time you level up. This applies to both the free and the premium version.

However, you shouldn’t always accept the Battle Pass tiers directly. With each level, the XP yield from the Battle Pass increases and you should only activate the levels when you need XP.

So wait until you see an XP wall before redeeming it.

2. Continue playing the Codex Guides

In addition to the story missions, you will receive additional tasks and quest series via your codex, which will allow you to repeat activities in an area or require certain milestones from you. Such as “Equip a second Legendary Gem”.

Complete the missions as far as possible and get yourself a decent amount of experience points.

Best of all, if you stand in front of the XP Wall, you already know the areas of the Codex tasks. So you can use the auto-navigation and sit back and relax while your character runs to the appropriate quest locations.

3. Complete Bounties / Daily Tasks

Determined players with an eye on fast leveling already accept daily missions and hope that they can be completed as the story progresses. However, you should not take any long detours to complete the tasks.

If you stand in front of the XP wall, these side tasks get really exciting. The bounties and daily missions are particularly worthwhile. If you join a faction later, they will bring you more daily missions.

Here, too, you have the advantage that you already know the areas. Click on the bounty in your mission window and your character will immediately make your way to the area where you will find the monsters for your quest.

Barbarian, Demon Hunter, and Crusader are the best classes to level. You can see an overview of all classes with gameplay in our video:

Diablo Immortal: All 6 classes at a glance with gameplay

4. Play dungeons / elder portals with a group

With a group, the time usually goes by faster when grinding anyway. Find a dungeon that you work on for a while or play the elder portals in Westmark.

Shortly after the release, it is still not entirely clear which of the two methods is the fastest. Some swear by the portals, others prefer the dungeons.

By the way, you can also start the elder portals without using an emblem.

5. Solo purposefully grinds the elder portals

For loners when leveling, there is also a method with the elder portals. Start a portal without an emblem and explore the portal without paying much attention to enemies. You now only kill the blue monster groups that are shown to you on the mini-map.

These groups drop extra experience points and are particularly worthwhile. You can also destroy the opponents who followed you to the blue group.

Have you explored the portal area and see no more blue monster groups, leave the portal on your map to Westmark and start again. In this way, you can complete a level in under an hour, even at higher levels.

If you want to see the method in the video, we will link you to something suitable here. From minute 1:50 you can see the method:

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Diablo Immortal brings everything that makes a full Diablo. You can still feel the mobile character in many corners, such as the XP wall at the end of the area campaigns.

If you still have a few tips up your sleeve for climbing the XP wall, please leave us a comment. We are happy to include good information in our guide. Are you still looking for the best class for you, then have a look here: Diablo Immortal: Tier List – Which is the best class?

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