Xiaomi Mi Band 7 – the best tips, tricks and links

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 – the best tips, tricks and links
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The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is here and with it we have the very best tips, tricks and links to the next mega seller, because it can do more than many people think.

Hardly any fitness tracker has sold more than the Mi Band from Xiaomi. Since the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 (Review) the Mi was dropped from the name and renamed to Xiaomi Smart Band. This is also the case with the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, but no matter how, for us it is and will remain the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. I have been wearing it for the test for a few days and of course I have dealt with it in detail again. Even if not as much is now possible as with previous models, there are all the more accessories for the Mi Bands.

Detailed German operating instructions:

Unfortunately there are currently no German instructions to download. If one is available I will link it here.

Where is the cheapest place to get the Xiaomi Mi Band 7?

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is currently only available in black and only in the Chinese version. However, this already has the German language and can therefore be used in full in German. In the course of time there will be another Xiaomi Smart Band 7 NFC, which, as the name suggests, has an NFC module installed for mobile payment. As soon as it is on the market, I will write the corresponding instructions and link them here. Furthermore, there seems to be a Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro for the first time, which will be equipped with GPS.

There are no longer any technical differences between the Chinese and global versions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. The only difference is the lack of a CE mark. Therefore, the Chinese versions are always a bit cheaper. If you don’t care about the CE mark, you can, for example tradingshenzhen* buy the Chinese version for 47 euros. at amazon* there is currently only the Chinese version, but they cost from 69 euros.

Recommended accessories:

There is also a wide range of accessories for the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 right at the market launch. This includes Display foils and tempered glasses*, but you have to be careful with the tempered glasses, as the display glass is slightly curved and will therefore not last as long. My recommendation would therefore be display foils that take on the shape.

Because the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has grown a bit compared to the predecessor Xiaomi Mi Band 6, its bracelets do not fit. But also offer here amazon*, Aliexpress* and Co. a gigantic selection of replacement wristbands that can be changed effortlessly. at Aliexpress* the delivery takes a few days longer, but you can get good quality bracelets from 2 euros.

Does the charger of the predecessors fit?

Yes, Xiaomi has also learned and the chargers of the Mi Band 5, Mi Band 6 and Mi Band 7 are compatible because they are identical. Of course there is a replacement at Amazon from 5.99 euros*.

If you want to get a little more involved with the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, especially on the subject of modding, you won’t be able to avoid the English forums of and There are various groups on Facebook such as Xiaomi Mi Band 7, 6 5 Global Community and the Xiaomi Mi Band fan and support group (German / German). Of course there are many more, but these two are by far the best of their kind.

The most important apps:

Nothing works without the right app. There is a bit of a mess going on at Xiaomi right now as there are multiple apps. But only one can connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. It’s called Mi Fitness (formerly Xiaomi Wear Lite) and is available here for Android and iOS. Currently (as of mid-June 2022) you can only connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 if the Xiaomi account is set to China. However, you cannot change the location afterwards.

General tips and tricks for the official apps can be found here -> Mi Fit, Mi Fitness, Zepp and Zepp Life App – tips, tricks and help

Bold Android users can download and install the latest alpha and beta versions of the apps from APK Mirror.

But beware: often enough you “brick” it with it, making it unusable. So this is really only for users who really know how to use it!!!!

If you want to get a little more out of it and use Android, you should take a closer look at the Notify & Fitness for Mi Band app. Just crazy how much more you can elicit from the tracker. But beware: with the many functions, you may also bring many problems into the house if you are not really familiar with them. Since I don’t use this app, I can’t provide any support for it.

Of course, there are other apps, such as Mi Bandage for Mi Band & Amazfit, or the free app Master for Mi Band, which is only available for Android. iOS users should check out the AmazTools app. It’s not free, but allows, among other things, the installation of external watch faces. Instructions for this can be found below.

How to install Watchfaces on Xiaomi Mi Band 7:

There are a few apps that you can use to install watchfaces from other sources on the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, but these are all totally bugged at the moment. The AmazFaces app crashes when installing and the AmazTools on the iPhone cannot be connected at all at the moment.

Suitable watch faces can be found here ->

Navigation with the Xiaomi Mi Band 7:

One of the most common questions is about a way to navigate. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. The linked instructions are not yet adapted for the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, but this should happen soon.

Paying with the Xiaomi Mi Band 7:

With the “normal” Xiaomi Mi Band 7, mobile payment via Google Pay or Apple Pay is not possible because the NFC module required for this is missing. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 NFC will soon be launched specifically for this and then I will update the following instructions:

First aid for connection problems:

I keep getting emails with questions about connection problems. I’ve put together a few solutions here:

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 not sending notifications?

It happens again and again, especially after the new setup, that the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 does not show any notifications. To do this, start Mi Fitness, tap on “Mi Smart Bracelet 7” under “Profile” and then on “App Notifications”. If there is a notice about access up there, you have to allow it first. After that everything should work. The same applies to calls and SMS. Here, too, access must first be granted.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 sends the same notification several times?

A special problem that probably only affects users of the Notify & Fitness app. This is a bug that has been unsolved for a very long time. Some have this problem, others don’t. Therefore, the developers are groping in the dark as to what exactly is the reason, because it does not matter whether Mi Fitness is installed in parallel or not. But there are two solutions that help now and then. Are all notifications, i.e. calls, notifications from apps, SMS, etc. deactivated in Mi Fitness? All permissions activated in the settings of the smartphone? The only real solution so far is not to install Notify & Fitness and instead rely on the combination exclusively on Mi Fitness.

Switch the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 to German:

If you bought a Chinese Mi Band 7, you can switch it to German directly when setting it up. So nothing has to be changed later in the app.

Install bold or larger font:

Changing the font size is no longer possible on the Xiaomi Mi Band 7.

Reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 7:

A reset to the factory settings, also known as a hard reset, is only possible with the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 via the bracelet. Here are the appropriate instructions:

Delete account:

If you want to delete your Xiaomi, Huami or Amazfit account, you can do so here:

Restore Bricked Xiaomi Mi Band 7:

If the Mi Band no longer starts due to a failed update, it can help to hang the bracelet on the charger and wait. This can sometimes take a day. Just wait for it, hopefully, to wake up.

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