Xbox Series X: How to secure the game console with a bonus

Xbox Series X: How to secure the game console with a bonus
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Xbox Series X: How to secure the game console with a bonus

While PlayStation 5 fans still need good luck to buy a PS5, the situation on the Xbox market is easing: the Xbox Series X is becoming more and more common in stores. And now with attractive extras that are worth it.

Enjoy video games on the latest generation of game consoles: Although Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 were launched in November 2020, many gamers could only dream of it so far. Corona, a lack of chips and delivery problems, along with huge interest from buyers, meant that retailers always ran out of stock. But while the wait for the PS5 continues in many households, the situation with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is improving. The game console is now often available for an RRP of 499.99 euros.

Saving on the Xbox Series X: Here’s how

Mathematically, it is now even cheaper, as our cutting-edge examples show.

Xbox Series X in the o2 tariff for effectively 181 euros

What a lot of people don’t know: With o2 you not only get a new mobile phone or a router in a bundle with one tariff, but also laptops, smartwatches and game consoles are available from the internet provider.

The Xbox Series X offers o2 along with the anniversary plan o2 Grow. This is particularly suitable for all those who do not want to keep looking for a more attractive tariff after the minimum contract period: the monthly data volume increases by 10 gigabytes with each contract year. In the second year you surf with 50 gigabytes per month, in the third year with 60 gigabytes, and so on. The maximum is a whopping 240 gigabytes – without increasing the monthly costs. The price-performance ratio keeps improving – a novelty.

  • Xbox Series X: 1 euro (instead of 499.99 euros)
  • Connection: free
  • Shipping: 4.99 euros
  • o2 Grow with 40+ gigabytes, 5G and Allnet-Flat: 34.99 euros per month
  • 36 months term

After the end of the minimum contract term, the Xbox is paid for and the tariff drops to 29.99 euros. Arithmetically, over the course of the 36 months, this results in additional costs of 181 euros. You won’t find the Xbox Series X that cheap anywhere else.

Xbox Series X: With “Forza Horizon 5” for effectively 484.99 euros

Also an attractive deal: Otto now offers the Xbox Series X with the popular racing game “Forza Horizon 5” for 524.99 euros. Individually, the game, which has an outstanding international average rating of 92 percent, costs at least 40 euros. If you subtract this sum, you get the Xbox here for effectively 484.99 euros and thus at least 15 euros below the normal price.

Tip: Alternatively, you can simply subscribe to Game Pass when you buy the Xbox Series X. It’s a Netflix-like program from Microsoft: a library of countless games that subscribers are free to download and play anytime they want. If you don’t value a video game collection on the shelf and don’t have a problem with games being removed from the subscription offer at some point, you can enjoy countless games here cheaper than anywhere else.

Conclusion: Buying Xbox Series X with bonuses is worth it

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for the o2 tariff bundle with the Xbox Series X and book the Game Pass or take the Otto deal: the best way to secure Microsoft’s games console these days is in such a campaign and save compared to buying them individually.


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