“X Factor” star Tom Mann (28): Brit singer’s fiancee (34) dies on the morning of her wedding

“X Factor” star Tom Mann (28): Brit singer’s fiancee (34) dies on the morning of her wedding
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“My beloved Dani, the brightest light in every room, without you my world is nothing but darkness. I will miss you forever.”

It’s sad words that the British singer Tom Mann (28) on Instagram addressed to his fiancee. But only the story behind it reveals the whole tragedy of these lines: Danielle Hampson (34) died suddenly – on the morning of her wedding day!

The couple had just returned from a trip to Italy with their son Bowie (8 months). In her last social media post three weeks before her death, the PR manager shared photos from vacation with friends in Sardinia.

A happy couple with a happy life. And suddenly fate strikes! Hard and merciless.

The singer shared the news of her death on Instagram along with a photo of Danielle and their son Bowie and revealed that he felt “completely broken”. At the same time, he swore to remain strong for the sake of their son. In the lengthy Instagram post, he wrote of his greatest pain: “I can’t believe I’m writing these words but my beloved Dani – my best friend, my everything and more, the love of my life – is in the early stages Deceased in the morning hours of June 18.

What was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives ended in irrevocable heartbreak. I feel like I’ve cried an ocean.

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The couple was According to British media, they have been together since 2015, and they announced their engagement in December 2019. Tom Danielle is said to have made an application in a jazz café in London, after which he raved about his “future wife”.

The message of her sudden death read: “We never made it to the altar, never got to say our vows or dance our first dance, but I know you know you’re my whole world and the best thing.” ever happened to me, Danielle.”

He also writes that he does not know how to proceed. But that he “must use every strength I can muster for our little boy.” And: “I promise that I will do everything I can to raise Bowie the way we always wanted. I promise he’ll know how great his mommy was. I promise I’ll make you so proud.”

Danielle and Tom – a happy couple. Their son Bowie was born just eight months ago

Photo: Instagram/tom man

The singer-songwriter was featured with the band Stereo Kicks on British TV show ‘X Factor’: Tom had applied to be a solo artist on the show, then was accepted into the group that made it to the final of the ITV singing show. The Stereo Kicks were said to be next, according to the Daily Mail one direction traded but have faced a number of scandals since its inception. A band member became the victim of revenge porn, and one of the musicians was involved in two drug scandals within a month. In 2015, the group split up after just ten months.

Tom Mann became known as a singer on the British TV show

Tom Mann became known as a singer on the British TV show “X Factor” and wrote songs for Ronan Keating, among others

Photo: Tom Dymond/Thames/Shutterstock

Fate hits singer Tom hardest – and completely unexpected! Danielle had no known health problems and her cause of death is still unknown. Lots of fans and Colleagues from the industry have already expressed their condolences. Tom writes to her: “We have lost such a special person and I am sure we will experience an abundance of love to reflect that. I will try to find peace in your messages and comments, but right now I am mourning and will be for a very, very long time.”

He could no longer give his marriage vows to his beloved Danielle, only this promise: “I will wear this ring, which I should always wear, as a token of my unconditional love for you.”


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