WoW patch 9.2.5, RIP Marvel MMO, Diablo Immortal: May 2022 for MMO fans

WoW patch 9.2.5, RIP Marvel MMO, Diablo Immortal: May 2022 for MMO fans
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Welcome to the new video recap of the last month’s top buffed topics! In May 2022, the launch preparations for WoW patch 9.2.5 and Diablo Immortal were on the agenda. But there was also a new content update for Lost Ark and the surprise funeral of an as yet unreleased Marvel MMO. Make yourself comfortable, we summarize everything for you.

Everything important from May 2022 for MMO fans

MMO fans who want to get up to date in a few minutes can do so in our following highlight video for the month of May 2022. And the almost nine minutes are well invested. Finally, there were some exciting releases with WoW patch 9.2.5, the May update for Lost Ark and Diablo Immortal, and also other news about a discontinued Marvel MMO, Shadowlands season 4 or the new Ashes tech demo of Creation are impressive.

Buffed: WoW patch 9.2.5, RIP Marvel MMO, Diablo Immortal launches

The most important news for bookworms

If you prefer to browse through texts instead of watching a video (there should be one here and there), you will also find the most important MMO topics from May 2022 in the following.

WoW patch 9.2.5

If you are reading these lines, Patch 9.2.5 already on the World of Warcraft live servers landed. The final update of the Shadowlands era allows you to tackle group content such as dungeons or raid instances together with players from the enemy faction for the first time.

In addition, you can expect new quest chains for Dark Iron Dwarves and Blood Elves, the PvP Arena Enigma Crucible and the constant opening of all wings of Torghast, the tower of the damned. Add some comfort improvements or simplifications and balancing adjustments, and the patch package is done.

Shadowlands season 4

Maybe you’re thinking now: That all sounds pretty lame to bridge the waiting time until the next Dragonflight expansion! Surely it won’t come until next year. And indeed, Blizzard has another arrow in its quiver. Patch 9.2.5 creates the basis for that fourth Shadowlands seasonwhich is scheduled to start this summer.

Exciting: The developers use this last chapter of the shadow land adventure for some experiments. On the one hand, not only the well-known Shadowlands dungeons await you in the Mythic Plus area, but also the mega dungeons Mechagon and Karazhan of the previous expansions. There are also some instances from the Warlords of Draenor era that determined through a community vote.

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