World’s Richest Person Shows Off His Build in Elden Ring – “My 10-Year-Old Cousin Would Use This”

World’s Richest Person Shows Off His Build in Elden Ring – “My 10-Year-Old Cousin Would Use This”
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Elon Musk has long been known as a fan of Elden Ring and likes to tweet about the action game. Now he showed his build with a screenshot and doesn’t come off well with his equipment.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk is considered the richest person in the world (via Musk made a lot of money with the sale of the PayPal payment service and then founded many other companies with some visionary ideas.

These include the e-car maker Tesla, the rocket company SpaceX and the tunnel drilling/Hyperloop company with the witty name The Boring Company.

Musk’s ownership stakes in the companies are worth tens of billions, and the entrepreneur doesn’t seem to stand still, always going the extra mile in search of the next innovation.

However, the same cannot be said of his build in Elden Ring. Musk recently tweeted a line about the artful action-RPG, and in a conversation below the tweet, the entrepreneur shared a screenshot of his build:

Many players who delve deeper into Elden Ring are almost confused by how Elon Musk plays Elden Ring. On Twitter says for example @Zoey_Cakes: “What the heck is this build? I thought the guy was a genius?”

What is already ridiculed on Twitter often ends up on reddit for exploitation. The build by Elon Musk should not be missing:

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After almost 4 hours, the thread on reddit already has over 600 comments and is still growing. There you can discover many confused, but also amused users who settle accounts with the build of the tech billionaire.

We have collected a few comments for you:

  • ParadigmEnigma99: “All the gear is just plain funky. I could forgive the armor and stuff because of Fashion Souls. But the rest looks like something my 10-year-old cousin would use.”
  • Bazzle-zazzle: “The two shields kill me the most.”
  • ihaverocketlegs: “Oh man. It looks like he’s trying to recreate 4 different “MOST OP BUILDS” from YouTube at the same time.”
  • BigSilky71: “I thought the guy works 25 hours a day and sleeps on the factory floor. How does he find the time to play Elden Ring with a build like that?”

The discussions in the thread are varied and lively. Lots of players sharing their own build approaches, explaining why the build isn’t that strong, and some grateful for the tips.

As is so often the case, Elon Musk manages to inspire other people and amaze them with his deeds – albeit this time in a completely different way than usual.

Why is the build so bad? As the comments on reddit suggest, there is almost nothing consistent with the build. We list a few of the most obvious oddities:

  • He is so heavily equipped that he suffers from so-called “fat rolls” – slow evasive movements that should almost always be avoided.
  • Fat rolls can be okay if you have enough balance in return. But Elon Musk only has 54, which is extremely low for the heavy load.
  • He has 2 protective shields in his left hand, both of which also fulfill a quasi-identical task: 100% physical block, no talent.
  • However, he doesn’t use his Shimmerstone Staff in his second hand, but with 2 similar swords in a slot.
  • He has 3 (weak) Spirit Ashes in the quick select bar right away, but no HP or Mana potions or the horse.
  • He’s gone soft-cap with wisdom, but still doesn’t use strong spells.
  • Despite the heavy weight, he has hardly invested in strength and condition, and 60 strength is almost a must in the endgame.

A comment on reddit sums up the apparently wildly cobbled together build: “It may level in wisdom, but that’s not a smart build.”

Many players don’t delve that deeply into Elden Ring gear science, as the example of Elon Musk shows. Fun counts and the desire to experience something extraordinary.

However, if you want to dig a little deeper, then we have just the right thing for you: Elden Ring Tier List – All 309 weapons in the ranking

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