Windows Subsystem for Android: Update launches Android 12.1 support

Windows Subsystem for Android: Update launches Android 12.1 support
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Earlier this year, Windows 11 received limited support to run Android apps on the desktop. There is now a major update for the Windows subsystem for Android. We took a look at what’s new.

Microsoft has released an exciting update for the so-called Windows Subsystem for Android, or WSA for short. The update initially starts in the beta phase with a new test build for Windows 11 Insiders. However – this unfortunately still applies to the WSA in general – the Windows subsystem for Android is currently only available in the USA. When that will change is still unknown.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at what awaits us. The latest update increases the WSA version to 2204.40000.15.0. The update contains important improvements, details can be found in the Windows blog. The update also starts updating the underlying engine to Android 12.1. In other words, Windows 11 can now benefit from the latest technologies from Android 12.1.

Microsoft is now warning its insiders that this update may result in some of the Android apps they have been using not working. Some apps will crash as soon as they start, Microsoft says, but they’re already working on a fix. In the new Windows Subsystem for Android update, Microsoft has disabled telemetry collection by default. This option can be found as “optional diagnostic data” in the Windows subsystem settings for Android and can be enabled to voluntarily provide useful telemetry data.

A new network experience

The Android subsystem gets a “new network experience” that makes it easier to connect to Android apps on devices that are on the same network as the desktop PC. Among other things, this allows you to control speakers in the same network or use smart home Android apps to set up a security camera via Windows.

Redesigned settings page

The app that manages the Android subsystem settings has been completely redesigned. With the update, a diagnostic data view has been added to better monitor diagnostic data collected by the subsystem.

Windows 11 integration

Microsoft is improving the integration between Android apps and Windows 11. For example, taskbar icons can now show apps that use microphone, location, and other system services in the taskbar. Another change makes Android notifications appear as Windows notifications in Windows 11, and the title of the Android activity is highlighted in the app window.

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