Wealth and inflation: Jeff Bezos scolds Joe Biden

Wealth and inflation: Jeff Bezos scolds Joe Biden
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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has criticized US President Joe Biden for a statement in connection with high inflation in America. Biden wrote on the short message service Twitter: “You want to lower inflation? Then we should make sure the richest companies pay their fair share.”

Bezos then accused the President of “misleading”. “The newly created disinformation board should review this tweet,” he wrote. We would be happy to discuss raising corporate taxes. He called an “important discussion” how the inflation rate, which has been high for months now, can be curbed. But “to lump the two together is just a distraction.”

The Internet company Amazon has long been criticized for allegedly paying too few taxes in relation to its sales. Founder and longtime CEO Jeff Bezos has become the second richest man in the world as a result of the company’s rise. According to the financial service Bloomberg, his fortune currently amounts to $ 137 billion – only Tesla boss Elon Musk is currently ahead of him with an estimated fortune of $ 224 billion.

With the “Disinformation Board” Bezos referred in his tweet to a new body of the US Department of Homeland Security announced in April. His tweet against Biden is Bezos’ first public standoff with Biden. The Amazon founder was himself often the target of criticism from Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, who also tried to smash critical investigative reports from the Bezos-owned newspaper “Washington Post” by attributing them to his personal feud with Bezos.


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