Warzone 2 Leak provides information about the loadout system, maps & more

Warzone 2 Leak provides information about the loadout system, maps & more
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New details about Warzone 2 two were leaked in a YouTube video. There are fundamental changes in the Battle Royale shooter.

Streamer and CoD YouTuber Nero’s Cinema revealed various leaks about Warzone 2 in his latest video. We tell you what will change compared to Warzone 1.





According to the NerosCinema source, Warzone 2 is based more on Call of Duty: Blackout than on Warzone 1. Although loadouts are to become an integral part of Warzone 2, they are not bought at Buy Stations as before, but have to be fought for. In so-called “Strongholds”, players have to fulfill different orders in order to earn their loadout. The tasks should range from defusing a bomb to dealing with waves of AI attacks. Whether these strongholds are the only means of getting loadout drops or whether random drops continue to exist around the map was not mentioned.

Another change concerns the weapons and perks. Our shooting irons can only be equipped with a maximum of five attachments in Warzone 2. This could put an end to the gigantic jumble of different weapon setups. The pro perks are making a comeback in Warzone 2. These were introduced in Modern Warfare 2 (2009) and could be unlocked by certain requirements. Pro Perks are an improved version of their original.

Inventory system and armor change

The Warzone inventory has basically remained unchanged since the release and consists of a maximum of two weapons, a primary and a tactical item. In Warzone 2, this should now be revised. According to NerosCinema, bags or backpacks will be introduced in which we can carry grenades, weapons and even kill rewards. The space of the bags should be limited, which will require good inventory management. Comparable mechanics have existed since the BR shooter PUBG was released.

Armor plates should still be available in Warzone 2, but in the future we will need a special bag in which to carry our plates. So it’s quite possible that armor plates will become a rare commodity in Warzone 2 if there aren’t enough armor pockets spread across the map.


On Warzone 2’s new BR map, an area will be modeled on Highrise, a map from Modern Warfare 2 (2009). We can also look forward to a comeback from Verdansk in Warzone 2. However, it is unclear whether the map will already be published at the release. Those who would like to test their weapon setups will be able to do so on a shooting range, where statistical values ​​such as damage and range will also be recorded. Complicated test videos from YouTubers will soon be a thing of the past.

Industry insider Tom Henderson says the layout of the new Warzone 2 map is more reminiscent of Call of Duty: Blackout than Warzone 1.

Since this is a leak, all information is of course not final and can change at any time. However, Henderson has already commented on the leak and classified the information as mostly true. CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope has a different guess, believing that NerosCinema is confusing Warzone 2 with Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode: “Sounds like a guy mixed up DMZ and WZ2 to me lol”.

The Reveal of Modern Warfare 2 and thus also of Warzone 2 is expected on June 8th. By then we should be certain.

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