Voicemod launches the world’s first AI-powered real-time voice conversion for everyone –

Voicemod launches the world’s first AI-powered real-time voice conversion for everyone –
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Valencia, Spain –

Voicemod (, the global leader in augmented voice and interactive audio, launches its novel artificial intelligence (AI) voice transformation product. This new collection of AI voices represents a major leap forward in the development of speech-to-speech voice transformation capabilities. Voicemod empowers people to determine their sound and gender identity in digital spaces and create their personal voice avatars – in real time.

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Voicemod adds real-time voice changing and custom sound effects to every game and communication desktop app including Discord, ZOOM, Google Meet, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Rust, Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends, Among Us, Roll20, Skype, WhatsApp Desktop, TeamSpeak, and more! (Photo: Business Wire)


  • AI voices enable unprecedented customization of online audio output, supporting Voicemod’s mission of empowering users to sound the way they want.

  • The real-time Speech-to-Speech voice conversion engine makes it possible to create realistic synthetic voices while preserving characteristics of the user’s original voice such as emotion, intonation and tempo, creating a unique sonic identity arises.

  • This technology will enable Voicemod’s millions of users – from gamers and role-players to people who are uncomfortable with their voice – to express themselves online.

Voicemod’s technological innovation in speech-to-speech voice conversion allows customization or integration of the user’s personality. It offers people a great deal of freedom in choosing how much of their natural voice to keep or change. The result is a unique, personalized voice avatar, suitable for work or play, depending on your needs.

AI-based speech-to-speech voice technology not only expands the extent to which users can modify an original voice, but also provides the ability to add or remove accents. Gamers and role-players can talk to a faithful recreation of their favorite character without the need for voice acting.

“This is a first step into the future. As AI voices continue to evolve, this will not only help people like me in the trans community, it will also change the meta globally,” said Kairi Caitlyn, a VTuber on Twitch and the world’s top spellbreak competitive player/coach and organizer of the Gaming community in esports.

Voicemod’s AI voices, available now in beta mode, range from realistic-sounding human voices to voices with additional effects that complement fantasy characters. In addition to the male and female-sounding voices “Bob” and “Alice”, Voicemod also offers the celebrity-inspired voice “Morgan” for fantasy characters such as Celestial, Narrator, The President and The General. The technology’s introduction includes several additional voices that combine both AI and classic sound design techniques, allowing the user to transform into a pilot, an astronaut and even digital beings in the blink of an eye, opening up more creative possibilities than ever before .

“Voicemod’s AI voices are a lot of fun and add a more immersive experience for the participants or scenarios you go through with your players. Are you playing a sci-fi game? Get the voice of an astronaut! Do you want to sound like a deity? Morgan is your best bet. I can’t wait to use this for my sessions,” said Cypheroftyr, an American streamer and TTRPG DEI consultant and developer best known as the founder and director of the nonprofit organization I Need Diverse Games.

Using real-time voice-to-voice conversion technology, Voicemod creates a whole new toolset for people to develop their auditory personality expression for more authentic person-to-person communication.

“We are very excited to introduce the next level of audio expression technology to our passionate voicemod community – and the rest of the world,” said Jaime Bosch, CEO and co-founder of Voicemod. “The integration of real-time AI voices into our engine, coupled with our growing catalog of intellectual property partnerships, enables an unprecedented level of customization of audio expression online and in the metaverse.”

Voicemod is shaping the future of communication by developing industry-leading social audio tools that empower anyone to easily shape, customize, and customize the way you sound online, on social apps, and even in the Metaverse improve and manage. The company’s current technology products already offer incredible possibilities for enthusiastic Voicemod users, e.g. B. Tools like the recently introduced one PowerPitch technology to create realistic, persistent online voice identities for play, work, school, role play or social communication.

Starting today, all Voicemod users can experiment with AI voices on their PC by requesting priority access at Become a Voicemod user and discover your true voice personality for more immersive, enjoyable and fun gaming and communicating online.


  • Watch a short video and learn more about AI voices.

  • in the Voicemod Newsroom learn about the latest licensing agreements for popular intellectual property (IP) such as games, emoticons, music and TV titles.

  • Find out in the Voice Mod Developer Kit – Compatible with PC and Mac – about platforms that support Voicemod technology and how B2B developers, producers and OEMs can integrate Voicemod’s real-time voice conversion technology directly into their games, applications, social apps and hardware to create a achieve new levels of user interaction and engagement.

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Voicemod is the leader in real-time audio augmentation. Developers rely on Voicemod’s audio technology to help end users create virtual voices and define their sonic identity. Voicemod is the tool that helps gamers, content creators and professionals find the voice that best expresses themselves in gaming, working, creating and entertaining – in a time where… Businesses are striving to build a responsible metaverse. Learn more at

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