USBDriveLog offers more information about connected USB devices and installed drivers

More control over USB sticks, external hard drives and other USB devices USBDriveLog offers more information about connected USB devices and installed drivers

Nirsoft’s small tool USBDriveLog can display a log of the USB devices connected to the computer without installation. A lot of information can be displayed for USB drives, which is also relevant for group policies in Active Directory, for example.

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Use free tools in networks (free stocks/Pixabay)

(Use free tools in networks (free stocks/Pixabay))

Nirsoft’s USBDriveLog provides a quick overview of connected USB devices without installation. The tool doesn’t need any additional extensions in Windows and no DLL files either.

Above all, USB sticks and external drives can be read effectively here. After starting the tool, USBDriveLog shows the name and version of the drive, manufacturer, serial number, time of connection and also time of removal.

USBDriveLog is also an important tool for group policies in Active Directory

The device ID can also be displayed. This information is important for defining group policies that allow or block specific drives. All information about a device is displayed by USBDriveLog when the properties of the respective drive are displayed via the context menu.

Besides displaying data from local computers, USBDriveLog can also display data from computers over the network. The “Choose Data Source” option is used for “File”. Via “Remote Computer” you can select that the tool should display the data of another computer.

Configure the view of the data and customize columns

The protocol is first displayed in the program window. It is possible to mark all devices or only individual ones and copy them to the clipboard or export them. Various files can be used for storage here, for example JSON, HTML, XML or text files.

Parameters for starting the program can also be found on the manufacturer’s download page, with which the tool immediately sorts and exports the data correctly. This is useful for login scripts, for example to check which USB drives are connected to computers.

The view of the columns can also be customized. “ViewChoose Columns” can be used to specify which columns the tool should not display. This means that information that is not required can be hidden quickly and easily. In addition, the display of the table in the tool can be adjusted via “View”. Numerous problems are also available for “Options”.

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