Twitch Germany shows why you should take a closer look at your PC mouse

Twitch Germany shows why you should take a closer look at your PC mouse
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from Sebastian Glanzer
Twitch streamers are exposing a gamer fail that could unknowingly affect you too. You can see what this fail is and why so many gamers don’t notice it in the Twitch highlight clips.

Anyone who surfs the live streaming site will likely have a few favorite streamers that they enjoy watching. Watching all popular streams at the same time and knowing what’s going on in the German Twitch streamer bubble is hardly possible. If you don’t want to miss any of the funniest highlights from the most well-known German Twitch streamers, you can watch the highlights from TwitchClipsGermany.

These streaming highlights have one Fail uncovered, which might also affect you or your computer peripherals, without you knowing it. But see for yourself.

A look under your mouse might be worthwhile

Twitch streamer ReyganTV noticed during his stream that he still had the adhesive film on his mouse. Unless something is blocking the sensor, a PC mouse is actually usable. Of course, you should still remove the foil after purchase, so that, for example, the gaming comfort really comes into its own in video games.

The clip of Reygan, in which he shows how smoothly his mouse suddenly runs without these blockages, made the rounds in Twitch Germany at some point. While some scoffed at this, some were stunned to discover that they too had never removed the slides under their mouse…

As more and more clips emerged of streamers noticing this failure in themselves and others reacting to it, even experienced streamers and gamers found that they weren’t using their mouse to its full potential the whole time.

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