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As part of the morning show “Mezamashi 8”, which is broadcast live on Fuji TV, a TV guest made negative comments about fans of the hit manga “One Piece”, which subsequently brought heavy criticism.

»Readers have few friends«

But what exactly happened? In the program mentioned, host and moderator Shosuke Tanihara always brings together personalities from different professional groups and discusses various topics with them. The controversial statement was made in the broadcast on June 9, 2022.

The discussion revolved around »One Piece« and the announcement of the final phase of the successful manga. In this context, Tanihara said that the soon-to-be-completed »Wano« arc was very long and asked the group if any of the guests present had read it. Apparently that wasn’t the case as the studio fell silent for a brief moment.

Tanihara then explicitly asked businessman Kosei Ozora, who replied: »Everyone around me is reading the manga, but I haven’t gotten around to it for a while. I think the manga is only read by people who have few friends and no real life partner.«

Due to his experience as a moderator, Tanihara immediately recognized the explosive nature of his TV guest’s statement and said that he himself had been reading the manga for a long time. Ozora then apologized and said he would now read it too. However, this realization came too late and the prejudice that “One Piece” fans had no friends reverberated on social media channels:

  • “You can have that opinion, but saying it on TV is incredible.”
  • “The statement was unnecessary and rude to Fuji TV, Shueisha and the fans.”
  • “That was an incredibly discriminatory statement.”
  • »A person with subjective perception and shaped by prejudice.«
  • »Probably the most successful manga franchise in the world and he thinks only people without friends would read it. What incredible prejudices.«
  • “Tanihara’s reply was perfect and quick. He prevented worse.”

»One Piece« has been published in »Weekly Shounen Jump« magazine since July 1997. In Germany, the series is published by Carlsen Manga, while the anime is available on demand from Crunchyroll and will be published on DVD and Blu-ray by KAZÉ Anime.

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The legendary pirate treasure “One Piece” is the object of desire for all seafarers. Also for Monkey D. Luffy, who has been fascinated by the hustle and bustle of sailors since early childhood. However, any attempts to hire on to one of the ships fail miserably.

One day, when he eats a so-called gum-gum fruit, his life changes abruptly: all of a sudden he can no longer swim, but his limbs knot and stretch as if they were made of rubber.

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