Thomas Gottschalk changes look: “Look younger”

Thomas Gottschalk changes look: “Look younger”
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Thomas Gottschalk has now said goodbye to his curly hair.Image: imago images / imago images

The successful show comeback of “Wetten, dass…?” in November had very personal consequences for Thomas Gottschalk: In order to redeem the stake for a lost bet from the show, he had his hair cut and said goodbye to his curly hair after a long time. Viewers were able to get an idea of ​​​​this at the RTL annual review with Günther Jauch 2021 and at the TV event “The Passion”.

Now the 72-year-old appeared on the sidelines of the shooting of the hearing aid manufacturer Geers with even shorter hair. As he revealed to “Bild”, there is none other than his partner Karina Mroß behind it.

Thomas Gottschalk happy with his new look

“I owe the new styling to Karina. She says I look younger with it, and everyone agrees with her,” said the moderator. But he himself seems to be impressed by the makeover. His positive verdict is:

“I don’t look like a retired rock star anymore.”

Gottschalk can be seen here in Günther Jauch's RTL annual review.  Even after the last one

Gottschalk can be seen here in Günther Jauch’s RTL annual review. Already after the last “Wetten, dass ..?” show he lost his hair.Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

The entertainer and Mroß have been a couple for three years and are apparently still in love like the first day. During the shoot – Gottschalk has been the advertising face of Geers since 2019 – they appeared together in a vintage convertible and enjoyed the early summer weather. Finally Gottschalk got enthusiastic: “Karina is my best listening experience, I can hear every word even without a hearing aid. We are inseparable.”

After he first let his hair down last November, Karina was enthusiastic and encouraged him to style even more – with success. For Gottschalk, however, a limit seems to have been reached, at least a bald head is definitely an option for him. He jokes: “Hopefully I’ll never be confused with Bruce Willis…”

Gottschalk’s TV return is certain

By the way: Another edition of “Wetten, dass..?” with Thomas Gottschalk it’s already a done deal. The next live show will take place on November 19 this year, as confirmed by ZDF. Thus, the moderator remains on television, just like the cult format. In November 2021, 13.8 million viewers watched the anniversary edition. With these ratings, it’s no wonder that the broadcaster wants to up the ante. Now it remains to be seen whether Gottschalk will keep his modern short hair look until then – or let the blonde mat that was once his trademark grow again.


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