This is how you establish a VPN connection to the Fritzbox

This is how you establish a VPN connection to the Fritzbox
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With a VPN connection, you can surf the web via your home WLAN and have secure access to network storage and devices. The setup is not that difficult and even becomes child’s play after an update of the FritzOS. shows how it’s done.

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, is known to most users primarily as a service that can be used to disguise your IP address and bypass country blocks. However, there are also VPN connections that are used to gain secure access to the network at home or in the company and the devices located there while on the go. This can be, for example, the smart home control of the heating or an integrated storage medium (NAS). What many do not know: the Fritz boxes also have a VPN function. explains how to set it up and connect smartphones and other mobile devices.

Create a MyFritz account

If you haven’t already done so, you must first create a MyFritz account. To do this, open the PC browser by entering the address the user interface and logs in with his password. Then choose from the menu on the left Internet and subsequently MyFRITZ! account out.

In the following window you enter MyFRITZ! account Enter their email address and click Continue. You will then receive a message in which you can Register your FRITZ!Box clicks Go to the website that opens Set up a MyFRITZ! accountassigns a password and then clicks on to finish a process.

If the Fritzbox was already registered with MyFritz but no password was assigned, you can do this on the MyFritzNet website by entering Assign or change password clicks.

Next, select again in the user interface of the Fritzbox Internet and goes to MyFRITZ! accountwhere to first Set up MyFRITZ! Internet access and then Set up FRITZ!Box users clicks. If several users are registered, select one; if necessary, you can also set up a new user. When that’s done, click Take over.

Determine MyFritz domain names

Only the area framed in red represents the MyFritz domain name.

(Photo: AVM)

Then it is necessary to determine the MyFritz domain name. To do this, click in the user interface menu Internet and then up MyFRITZ! account. Then you write down or copy behind MyFRITZ! address only the part after https:// starts and with ends.

Adjust IP network

A separate IP address is required for a VPN connection. To set it up, select under from the user interface menu home network first network and then network settings. Then you just click WAN setting and then up more settings.

Under IPv4 Settings you wear it afterwards IP address and the subnet mask a. Then you click OK and confirms the action by pressing a button on the Fritzbox or by entering it on a FritzFon when prompted.

VPN for Windows machines

If you want to set up VPN access with a Windows PC, you must first download and install the “Fritzbox remote access setup” program. You open it, click Newthen up Set up remote access for a user and finally up Continue. After that you choose PC with FRITZ! remote access off and confirm again with Continue.

In the following window, enter the e-mail address of the previously selected user and click on Continue. Next, write down the determined MyFritz domain name names a. Then click on Use different IP network and contributes IP network address and as subnet mask 24 – a.

as IP address of the user in the FRITZ!Box network enter and activate the option Send all data through the VPN tunnel. To finish, click Continue and then up Complete. The program then opens a folder with the generated VPN data. This is best saved on the desktop.

Now it’s back to the user interface of the Fritzbox, where you can go to the menu one after the other Internet, releases and VPN clicks After that you choose Add VPN connection off and click Import a VPN configuration from an existing VPN settings file. Under Choose file then select the file in the previously saved folder fritzbox_[…].cfg off and click to open. Then you confirm the action with OK and upon request also at the Fritzbox or with a FritzFon.

Now load and install the program Fritz!Fernzugang. After opening it, click Continue respectively on file and then up import. There you select the file vpuser_[…].cfg which is also in the previously saved folder and clicks Open. With Complete you end the process.

To establish a VPN connection, open the Fritz! Fernzugang program, select the icon with the MyFritz domain name of the FRITZbox and click on Construction.

VPN for Mac computers

For a VPN connection with a Mac computer, you have to set up MyFritz as described above, adjust the IP network of the Fritzbox and set up the VPN connection in the Fritzbox. All settings can then be found in the Fritzbox user interface menu System, when you get behind that Fritzbox user click on the pen icon.

Then you call up the system settings on the computer via the apple symbol. Under network click on the plus sign under the existing connections. You may have to release this first by clicking on the lock symbol below and entering the computer password.

In the following window select behind connection the option VPN out, behind VPN type the entry Cisco IPSec. For example, enter Fritz-VPN as the service name and then click on Create. the server address is the determined MyFritz domain name of the Fritzbox account name and password enter the name of the selected Fritzbox user and their password.

Then you call them authentication settings and enters the corresponding entries in the VPN menu of the Fritzbox user for the key and user name. Finally, click OKthen up Use and finally up Connect.

VPN for Android

VPN Android.png

An Android VPN profile looks something like this.

(Photo: AVM)

To establish a VPN connection to the Fritzbox with an Android smartphone or tablet, open the settings on the device and tap there Network & Internet on. You can find the entry there VPNmaybe you have to before advanced choose. Under VPN you tap on that plus sign or you will immediately see a window in which you can enter Fritz-VPN as a name, for example. Then you enter the previously created VPN settings, which you can call up in the menu of the Fritzbox user interface by clicking under system behind the Fritzbox user click on the pen icon.

The connection is established by maneuvering back to VPN in the settings and tapping on the name of the connection there. Then enter the selected Fritzbox user and password, if necessary, and then tap Connect.

VPN for iOS

The Fritzbox is also prepared as described for VPN connections with iPhones and iPads. Then you open the device in the settings for VPN and tap there Add VPN. Then you enter any name in the description, for example Fritzbox, and fill in the other fields with the information that you can find in the previously saved folder. Then you tap Finished.

Wireguard Fritzbox.jpg

Wireguard VPN is wonderfully straightforward.

(Photo: kwe)

To establish the VPN connection, go to the settings VPN and set the slider there status on green.

Fritzbox VPN with Wireguard

Fritzbox manufacturer AVM is currently preparing a much more uncomplicated and faster VPN connection via the free Wireguard software. The protocol comes with the firmware FritzOS 7.39, which is currently available for download as a so-called laboratory version for testing in advance for the Fritzbox models 7590 AX, 7590, 7530, 6690 Cable, 6591, 6660, 6890 LTE and 6850 LTE.

With it, it is sufficient to install the appropriate application on a device and then establish a VPN connection with just a few clicks in the Fritzbox user interface. To do this, generate under InternetreleasesVPN (Wireguard)Simplified setup a QR code for iOS or Android devices, which is simply scanned with the Wireguard app. Nothing more is needed. For Windows or Mac computers, it works in a similarly uncomplicated way with configuration files that you import.

In the test, was able to set up very fast VPN connections with a Fritzbox 6690 Cable in just a few minutes. However, the installation of a laboratory firmware is at your own risk. If you create a backup of the Fritzbox software beforehand, the risk is low.


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