The Quarry on Metacritic: According to first tests, the best horror adventure since Until Dawn

The Quarry on Metacritic: According to first tests, the best horror adventure since Until Dawn
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The international press is enthusiastic about The Quarry.

With The Quarry, developer Supermassive Games wants to build on Until Dawn, the studio’s biggest success to date. If we take a look at the first tests for the horror adventure, then, according to the international press, it works extremely well. However, you should note that all ratings relate exclusively to the PC version of the game. Keys for consoles have not yet been made available to GamePro either, which is why our review has unfortunately been delayed.

Ratings on Metacritic and OpenCritic:

  • On Metacritic, the adventure currently achieves a score of 81/100 points (40 reviews)
  • A score of 81/100 is also achieved on OpenCritic (31 reviews)
magazine rating
GameSpot 90
God is a geek 90
Wccftech 90
Game Informer 85
destructoid 85
Trusted Reviews 80
Game Rant 80
twin finite 80
PC gamers 70
GamesRadar+ 60

What is praised, what is criticized?

So that you can better classify the values ‚Äč‚Äčabove and form your own opinion, we summarize the strengths and weaknesses of The Quarry for you below.

This is positive:

  • interesting, branching story with many twists
  • well-written characters that care about you
  • exciting decisions to the end
  • nice shock effects
  • technically best game by Supermassive

The first impression of journalist Jason Schreier is also very positive:

I’ve only played The Quarry for a few hours so far, but so far it’s been a lot of fun – a wonderfully trashy, interactive horror game with lots of quick decisions to make and all the characters trying to keep alive. Also a good game to play with a partner who has no video game experience.

This is negative:

  • partly bad facial animations
  • Quick-time events take the tension out
  • Death rewind function causes problems

In summary, it can be read that after the mixed The Dark Pictures games, Supermassive has increased in quality again, which primarily affects the story, characters and also the decisions. In addition, The Quarry presents itself as technically high-quality as no other game by the developer so far. If you are fans of the games, then grab it – but wait and see how the game technically presents itself on consoles if you want to experience it on PlayStation or Xbox!

You can read our extremely positive impression from the preview here or find out more about the horror adventure here:

Ene Mene Muh... and you're dead!  - Preview of Until Dawn's spiritual successor, The Quarry


Ene Mene Muh… and you’re dead! – Preview of Until Dawn’s spiritual successor, The Quarry

When is the GamePro review coming out?

As already mentioned at the beginning, we have only been able to play through The Quarry on the PC so far. Unfortunately, there have not been any important keys to be able to evaluate the technology on consoles. We therefore assume that the GamePro test only in the next week appears. Until then, we will inform you otherwise about the game.

Did you expect such good ratings for The Quarry?

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