The Polaroid Sun 600 LMS qualifies for the LEGO Ideas Review

The Polaroid Sun 600 LMS qualifies for the LEGO Ideas Review
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Retro is back in style. Following this trend, the Ideas community selected the “Working Polaroid Sun 600 LMS” design as the 11th idea for the 2nd Review 2022. From September, LEGO will examine the camera replica and decide whether the retro An ideas set can become a cult. We introduce you to the model.

The Polaroid model is by JulienG12. We could not find any information about the person, so our eyes fall directly on the creative work: The Ideas account was opened in mid-February 2021 and just one day later the entry “Space Explorer” for the GWP competition “Out of this World Space Builds!” the light of day. The first Ideas draft followed in December 2021, which has so far had little response from the community.

That changed when the current idea was presented on February 22, 2022. After about three weeks, the camera counted the first 1,000 votes. At the end of March, Ideas highlighted the work as a “staff pick” and in mid-April the milestone was passed at 5,000 votes. To 96 days Then the time had come: JulienG12 can look forward to the first entry in the “10k Member Club”, as the creative minds who have achieved an Ideas review can call themselves.

JulienG12 expanded 834 parts a working Polaroid model, of course without minifigures gets by. The highlight of the design is the amazing number of functions: For example, you can open the camera and close it again after “use”. Once you’ve found your subject, all you have to do is press the shutter button to activate the photo output mechanism. You should then be able to see the picture in the front slot. You can design the souvenir yourself, because the 9×9 studs large photo can be exchanged at will.

The Ideas design comes pretty close to the dimensions of the real template: While the Polaroid is a good 20×20 cm according to Amazon, the design measures around 16×19 knobs.

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According to Wikipedia, the Polaroid company was founded by Edwin Land in 1937 and has been characterized by innovative photo products for decades. The instant pictures in particular quickly gained worldwide fame. According to a report in the Tagesschau, the company experienced its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s and turned over billions. The decline began with the advent of digital photography and even led to insolvency in 2001. Several attempts to reposition the company were unsuccessful and resulted in another bankruptcy in 2008.

But for about 10 years, interest in the cameras has been steadily increasing again: the sales figures are said to have increased eightfold. One of the main reasons is the much more conscious choice of motif, because in contrast to a memory card, the film material is very expensive these days. The Sun 600 LMS shown in the draft came onto the market in 1981 and replaced the successful SX-70. We have seen used cameras on Ebay in a range between 25 and 60 euros.

Here you can find more pictures:

These ideas want to convince in the 2nd review 2022:

As with the first model, I find the visual implementation very successful. All essential equipment features are present and, with a little distance, could look confusingly similar to the real model. In my opinion, the idea is further enhanced by the addition of an output mechanism and the option for you to insert your own photo. Personally, I’m not sure if I would buy the finished set, but I think the design template is original.

How might LEGO rate the idea? First, let’s try to discover first hints in the Ideas archive. A look at the past reviews leads us to the conclusion that so far only the predecessor model, the Polaroid SX-70, has been decided in Billund. We expect the result in mid-October.

The search in the LEGO range also does not produce any useful search results. The only exception is the LEGO Promotional 6392344 Vintage Camera, which could be purchased for 2,000 VIP points during the November 2021 VIP weekend. Otherwise, the range is limited to photo accessories such as photo frames or the like.

Already in our first investigation we came to the conclusion that there should be worldwide interest in a Polaroid. Especially in the run-up to the Christmas holidays, the demand increases regularly. The license with the nostalgia factor would go well with LEGO, because since Billund brought the 18+ sets to life, retro sets associated with emotions have been a popular addition to the product portfolio.

Whether the second Polaroid model can convince is of course uncertain. In addition to the good design and functions, the design could benefit from the retro trend. In addition, the Sun 600 LMS can be both a display and a play set and could be on the lower end of the price range. There should also not be any major overlaps with the main range. For this reason, I can imagine that LEGO is not averse to immortalizing this classic as an Ideas set, and I therefore rate the implementation as possible.

What do you think of the idea? Do you perhaps even have an original model at home? Would you look forward to a LEGO Ideas set or wouldn’t you care? What do you say about the functions? Would you try to take your own photos or would the camera just be a display set? How do you rate the chances? Write us your opinion in the comments.

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