The new PlayStation Plus is here! Upgrade info, all games

The new PlayStation Plus is here!  Upgrade info, all games
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For those who feared we’d have to wait until the evening to Switching from Playstation Plus to the new Essential, Extra and Premium tariffs to be able to try it out was pleasantly surprised by Sony: the conversion has already taken place. Anyone who previously had Playstation Plus is now an Essential customer. “Playstation Now” members migrate to Playstation Plus Premium.

If you want to upgrade from Essential to Extra or Premium, you can do so (and then pay a pro rata upgrade price for the full remaining term of the current subscription). Very nice: On the Playstation 5, the upgrade process is displayed very clearly. You can see at a glance how long your subscription will last and how much money the update will cost you. By the way, on the PC we had problems with the upgrade. Apparently the servers are currently overloaded. On the console we had no problems.

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Advantages and prices of tariffs in Germany

Here are the most important advantages that you can unlock via the new Playstation Plus services in Germany and the prices of the tariffs:

Playstation Plus Essential

Offers the same benefits Playstation Plus members already get today, such as

  • 1 month €8.99/ 3 months €24.99 / 12 months €59.99
  • Monthly downloadable games
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Cloud storage for saved games
  • Online multiplayer access

There are no changes for existing Playstation Plus members on this plan.

Playstation Plus Extra

Offers all the benefits of the Essential plan plus a collection of up to 400 of the most entertaining PS4 and PS5 games including:

  • Death Stranding
  • God of War
  • Mortal Kombat 11
  • Returnal
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • 1 month €13.99/ 3 months €39.99 / 12 months €99.99

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