The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle – New Chapter Now Available for PC/Mac and Stadia – PIXEL.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle – New Chapter Now Available for PC/Mac and Stadia – PIXEL.
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ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks are excited to announce the latest chapter in the ESO-Legend, The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, releasing today for PC/MAC and Stadia. For Xbox and PlayStation will High Isle be available on June 21st.

In this never before seen Elder Scrolls-World plays the brand new adventure from the year-round story Legacy of the Bretons where everything revolves around political intrigues. The High Island area provides the perfect retreat for Alliance delegates to conduct peace talks that could end the War of the Three Banners. While the summit is hosted by the noble League of the Steadfast, players must beware the Order of the Aspiring and their chaotic agendas. The more than 20 million players of ESO will experience an island paradise steeped in medieval culture and architecture, complete with impressive forts and thrilling tournaments.

The previously unexplored Systren archipelago is inspired by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea shores swept by gentle breezes. Here is the stunning landscape of High Island, home of the Bretons, descendants of both humans and elves. The social upper class lives in the feudal society of Gonfalon, the political center of High Island. In addition, mercilessness is considered a virtue here, which is why players should always be on their guard!

The second island of Amenos is completely different. This prison island is surrounded by stormy seas and is inhabited by political prisoners and other undesirables who are in a constant struggle for survival with nature and the island’s other residents.

Last year led ESO Companions for players and 2022 will be added here. Players can earn the allegiance of two all-new companions: Funke, a street-raised Khajiit with a passion for magic, while Isobel, a budding Breton knight who feels called to to do the right thing.

As a further innovation for 2022 appears with glory stories a brand new card game set right in the world of ESO can be played. This unique card game invented on High Island includes both PvP and PvE elements. Players come to the glory stories Ahead. There are also cool rewards to be unlocked, including furnishings, Transmutation Stones, and even an ongoing storyline that involves battling specific NPCs around the world.

All innovations and content in High Isle at a glance:

  • A new area consisting of the islands of High Island and Amenos
  • A complex main story, full of politics, honor and intrigue, that encapsulates the year-round adventure Legacy of the Bretons connects (30h new story content)
  • Tales of Glory as a new system and deck building card game in the game (PvE and PvP)
  • A new 12-player Trial: Dreadsail Reef
  • Two new companions: Funke and Isobel to join your adventures
  • New World Events: Volcanic Vents
  • New dungeons, open dungeons, bosses in the open world, and a whole host of standalone quests
  • Updates, improvements and player simplifications in the concurrent update 34 for the base game
The players can read the new chapter about the ESO Store, retail or die respective platforms buy of their choice. High Isle is available now for PC/Mac and Stadia and will be available for Xbox and PlayStation on June 21, 2022. As always, stay tuned to our for the latest updates and information official site and in Forum.

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