“The Boys” on Amazon: Star shares photo of strange penis scene – “It’s real”

“The Boys” on Amazon: Star shares photo of strange penis scene – “It’s real”
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Right in the first episode of the third season of “The Boys” there is a memorable penis scene.Image: Amazon Prime

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the new season of The Boys. So if you haven’t looked in yet, you should be careful – besides, the scene described here is not for the faint of heart.

“The Boys” continues to push boundaries again with the current third season, and this time literally: In the first episode of season three, the massively shrunken superhero Termite penetrates his lover’s urethra and finally explodes his penis when he is under the influence sneezing from cocaine.

The Amazon series, which is already teeming with bizarre scenes, is upping the ante again. Fan reactions on social media were not long in coming. As one viewer wrote on Twitter: “This penis scene is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Of course, Termite actor Brett Geddes knows exactly what’s getting the most debate after the opening episodes of Season 3. On Instagram he has now posted a funny photo of the creation of the penis sequence.

“The Boys” star poses in front of a giant penis

In fact, the scene was not created entirely on the computer, but comes up with practical effects – more precisely a huge penis prosthesis. The powdered Brett poses in front of him together with his stunt double. “For anyone wondering… the tail is real,” he jokes in the post, alluding to the fact that it’s not a CGI gimmick.

Understandably, fans are equally amused and delighted in the comments. One user admits, “This is the last special effect I thought had a real component.” The viewer even gets an answer to that. “‘The Boys’ is doing it right,” assures Brett Geddes.

Another user wrote: “This is hilarious. I’m so curious to hear the story behind it.” However, the actor does not get specific about this, but only replies cryptically: “What stories the walls of the penis would tell, if they could speak…” In the comments there is also a fan who claims to have watched the episode with the exploding penis several times.

Incidentally, the artificial penis is about three and a half meters wide and nine meters high, as reported by “Entertainment Weekly”.

Showrunner Eric Kripke smugly reveals to the industry magazine: “Once you realize you’re going to make a tiny ‘Ant-Man’ character, you have to have that Ant-Man kick up someone’s butt and then blow them up .But then we realized that we [in Staffel 1] had already blown someone’s ass up. There are only a limited number of openings that a person can enter.


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