The best lego games

The best lego games
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Lego-Video games the world has seen many. One of the secrets of its success is that it is wonderfully playable for audiences young and old, who can also play together. Another appeal is the combination with various well-known franchises, allowing fans to relive their favorite films in Lego form.

The question remains what the best Lego games are? Everyone probably has different views, but our list looks like this.

Lego Builder’s Journey (2019 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

Lego Builder’s Journey is a geometry puzzle game in which you mainly influence the environment in small puzzle worlds to pave the way for the characters in the game through the adventure. You get building blocks and have to arrange them in such a way that you can cross rivers or gorges, for example.

Pave the way for your character.

It’s not a sprawling adventure, but it will keep you busy for a couple of hours. In the creative mode, which was added later, you can build your own models on a base plate and, in the truest sense of the word, let your creativity run free. Of course, you can later take screenshots of your work. A nice little Lego game.

Interest? Lego Builder’s Journey is available for PC on Steam, for Xbox on the Microsoft Store, for PlayStation on the PlayStation Store and for Nintendo Switch on the eShop.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (2022 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

Lego Star Wars: Skywalker is one of the most extensive Lego games, covering all nine main films in the Star Wars series. From episode 1 to 9 you experience the story about Anakin, Luke, Rey and Co., garnished with the humor typical of the Lego games. You can start the three trilogies in any order you like and relive each of the episodes.

Much more Star Wars in a Lego game is hardly possible.

You can unlock more than 300 playable characters and explore 23 planets and the space around them. So that keeps you busy for a while. The perspective is a bit closer than in other games this time, and you can also use a new combo mechanic in battle while using collected blocks to level up your skills. A must for Star Wars fans and those who want to become one.

Interest? Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is available for PC on Steam, for Xbox on the Microsoft Store, for PlayStation on the PlayStation Store and for Nintendo Switch on the eShop.

Lego Rock Band (2009 – Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo DS)

It will be musical at Lego. Lego Rock Band is a classic music rhythm game in the style of Rock Band, but with a Lego look. Up to four players can play and make music together. Lead, bass, drums and vocals are included, and you can use the stones you collect to customize your band minifigures.

Just rock out with Lego figures.

The game’s soundtrack consists of 45 songs and was designed as a “family-friendly” soundtrack. All songs up to Rock Band 3 can also be used in the game (the format was changed after that), which gives you plenty of supplies. Well-known songs on the soundtrack include Ray Parker Jr’s Ghostbusters, David Bowie’s Let’s Dance and Blur’s Song 2.

Interest? Lego Rock Band is available on eBay.

Lego Indiana Jones (2008 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo DS)

Indiana Jones is one of the real film classics and a memorial was also set in Lego form for the films starring Harrison Ford. Of course, you can reenact the first three films and reenact the archaeologist’s legendary adventures. You solve puzzles, fight enemies and explore familiar locations.

Don’t call him Junior.

More than 60 different characters are unlockable and playable, including friends and foes of Indy. You can use objects in the environment as weapons and at the same time disarm your enemies with your petics. Just like Indy does in the movies. One of the best archaeologist games.

Interest? Lego Indiana Jones is available for PC on Steam and GOG, and for Xbox in the Microsoft Store.

Lego Lord of the Rings (2012 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo DS)

The grandiose film adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s fantasy novels has of course also received a Lego adaptation. You can replay the complete film trilogy and accompany Frodo and his companions on their journey through Middle-earth. Orcs and other opponents don’t make it easy for you, but in the end you can easily overcome them too.

Accompany Frodo to Mordor.

Lego Lord of the Rings can be played alone or in pairs, as is the case with many Lego titles. Middle-earth was lovingly recreated by the developers and those who have seen the films will definitely get some recognition values. Accordingly, this is also a must for Lord of the Rings fans who want to be entertained and have no fundamental aversion to Lego games.

Interest? Lego Lord of the Rings is available on eBay.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers (2016 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS)

Surely the Avengers are getting their own Lego game too! There have been quite a few Lego Marvel games by now, and Marvel’s Avengers is one of the best. Especially fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe enjoy it, since the game focuses primarily on this.

Again, Loki has nothing to smile about.

The focus is on the two films Marvel’s Avengers and Marel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, which you can reenact alongside others. More than 100 different heroes and villains can be unlocked and you will explore many well-known locations. Among other things, you move through Manhattan, climb the Avengers Tower and visit Thor’s kingdom in Asgard. In short: as always, there is a lot to do and unlock!

Interest? Lego Marvel’s Avengers is available on Steam for PC, on the Microsoft Store for Xbox, and on PlayStation Store for PlayStation.

Lego Batman 3 (2014 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS)

Aside from Marvel, there is also the DC Universe with its villains and heroes. Again, there have been several games and Lego Batman 3 is the best of them. Here you not only hang around in Gotham, you also travel to different Lantern worlds in order to collect the Lantern rings and foil Brainiac’s sinister plan.

Batman brought some friends.

Off the beaten track, you’ll visit well-known locations like Police Headquarters, the Batcave and the Justice League watchtower while unlocking more than 150 different characters. The story was specially developed for the game and, among other things, lets you fight in space and enter virtual worlds to hack computer terminals.

Interest? Lego Batman 3 is available for PC on Steam and GOG, for Xbox on the Microsoft Store and for PlayStation on the PlayStation Store.

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