Test: LG XBoom 360 DRP4 – Bluetooth speaker with 360 degree sound

Test: LG XBoom 360 DRP4 – Bluetooth speaker with 360 degree sound
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Was können Audiophile von einem Bluetooth-Lautsprecher erwarten, der sich selbst XBoom nennt? Die Antwort: Wesentlich mehr, als es den Anschein hat. 

In September 2021, LG released a new party speaker. what about that LG XBoom 360 DRP4 first thing you notice is its shape. This is inevitably reminiscent of a traffic cone and there is a reason for that, because the speaker is an all-round emitter. That means there is no rear side where the sound sounds different than at the front – as is the case with classically designed loudspeaker boxes. The LG XBoom doesn’t really care where it is, it always sounds largely the same. (Note: We write “relatively” and “largely” because we are of course aware that the installation location of a loudspeaker always has an influence on its sound.) LG has even used a new patented technology with an optimal reflector structure for the authentic 360-degree sound. This is intended to counteract distortions, allowing the sound to spread evenly in all directions.


A handle adorns the top of the LG XBoom 360 DRP4 Bluetooth speaker. This is great for carrying the speaker around – and “area” is meant literally here, because the Xboom is aimed at outdoor use. That alone shows that this portable speaker is really intended to be used “everywhere”. Well, it can’t go underwater, but at least it’s protected against water jets (IPX5). It also survives an involuntary shower in the garden due to the sprinkler system. And because it should be as mobile as possible, the DRP4 can also use a rechargeable battery in addition to the normal power supply. It has a running time of up to 10 hours and is charged via the mains plug, which we can put into the bottom of the foot.

With its different light colors, we always adapt the LG XBoom 360 DRP4 to our mood.

configuration and performance

The compression horn tweeter is located directly under the handle, i.e. in the upper part of the cone. In the opening that follows, we see the multicolor LED. We’ll get to that later. Opposite it is the glass fiber woofer. It measures 5.25 inches. At the very bottom, i.e. in the base, is the output of the bass reflex system, which is supposed to provide even more power when playing music. The internal amplifier has an average total output power of 120 watts.

The LG XBoom 360 DRP4 offers USB interfaces for a corresponding stick. Note: LG’s website says it’s USB-C, but it’s actually USB-A. We can also bring analogue signals into the XBoom 360 DRP4 via the 3.5 millimeter jack. And of course Bluetooth is available. This supports the codecs: AAC and SBC.

LG XBoom 360 DRP4 - party light green
On request, the Xboom from LG also lights up green.


The LG party and outdoor speaker is controlled using the buttons on the top. Their symbols are self-explanatory. And yes, the big switch in the middle is for the light. It can be activated here and different mood lights can also be selected. But it is even easier and, above all, much more extensive with the app.

This is called LG XBoom and it is available in the App Store as well as on Google Play. If we have paired the LG loudspeaker with our mobile phone, we can control it with the app. For example, we determine its sound using EQ – more on that in a moment – ​​and we regulate the light. So we can choose different lighting moods in ambience mode, just like in nature mode. While the lamp only lights up in one color with these two, it is different with party mode. Here the light flickers in different colors and creates a real disco atmosphere. Even the LED flash on the mobile phone flashes to the rhythm of the music. That’s fun.

But that’s not all, we can even play DJ and add sound effects such as scratching, electric guitar or phaser. You can also create your own loops or add sound effects such as an echo. So we have real music fun with the LG XBoom.

What unfortunately doesn’t work with the DRP4 is to couple another loudspeaker to a stereo pair. Although we can “pair” another speaker with it, the identical music is then output on both speakers – i.e. twice mono. This is the so-called “Wireless Party Link”.

LG XBoom 360 DRP4 - Control
On the top of the LG XBoom 360 DRP4 we control all rudimentary functions.

Sonically more than expected

A man or woman would only expect bass and riot from a pure party speaker. Finely polished nuances will certainly not be trusted by very few. We are surprised by the LG XBoom 360 DRP4. This loudspeaker can actually do both: it brings bombastic dance music to life and can also display fine jazz and classical recordings. The integrated EQ helps with this. Here we choose from seven presets or determine the EQ individually. The default settings bring a noticeable gain in sound. For example, the jazz EQ gives the recording more details and liveliness. But what surprised us the most was the outdoor EQ, because it gives the sound a nice fine detail, so that we like to use this mode indoors as well.

Bluetooth speaker test 2022 Audio Pro A10, Bose SoundLink Flex, Dali Katch G2, Huawei Sound Joy, JBL Flip 6, LG XBOOM 360 DRP4 and We.  Hear 2 (We. by Loewe)
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Price and availability of the LG XBoom 360 DRP4

The LG XBoom 360 DRP4 Bluetooth box is available online and in well-known electronics stores. It costs around 280 euros.


Note: This review appeared first in AUDIO TEST issue 03/2022.

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Test: LG XBoom 360 DRP4 – Bluetooth speaker with 360 degree sound

With the XBoom 360 DRP4, LG has launched far more than just a party speaker. With various light arrangements, the Bluetooth box ensures the right mood in all situations. In addition, thanks to its EQ, it gives every style of music the right sound. So even discerning listeners can have fun. It’s just a pity that the DRP4 cannot be operated as a stereo pair. Then it would be almost perfect.

playback quality 89%

equipment/processing 80%

user friendliness 89%



  • Can be set up very flexibly thanks to the all-round spotlight
  • splashproof
  • Thanks to App-EQ, the sound can be adjusted very well

90%LG XBoom 360 DRP4

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