Supermarket: Netto and Edeka react to price increases

Supermarket: Netto and Edeka react to price increases
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Netto counteracts inflation with a new campaign – but only for holders of a Germany card.Image: CHROMORANGE / Michael Bihlmayer

As a result of the war in Ukraine, among other things, inflation in Germany is currently 7.9 percent, and prices will probably continue to rise in the coming months. People have long noticed this when shopping in the supermarket. The discounter Netto announced a campaign last week that is intended to at least soften things up a bit – by “freezing” the prices of 200 items at the current level. Now Edeka and Budni are following suit. However, there is a condition attached to all markets.

A number of product prices in Netto stores will remain the same

The Netto campaign is valid for the period from May 30th to July 31st, 2022, the difference to the more expensive price is to be deducted here upon presentation of the DeutschlandCard – so customers must at least have it. The previous price increases remain, but further price increases for these products should not reach the consumer for the time being.

The action has the title “Inflation-Stop” and includes all groceries. These include cow’s milk and oat milk and meat and fish products, but also pistachios, beer, energy drinks and diapers. The discounter has listed all of its products on its website, and you can save money on 20 of them by ordering online.

After selecting a branch on the website, it is possible to check which of the 200 products are in stock there and how much they cost. The price for quark from the “Gutes Land” brand is 59 cents in a branch in Berlin-Mitte, for example, and UHT milk with 3.5 percent fat is 92 cents.

Edeka and Budni are following suit

After the campaign by Netto met with positive feedback, Edeka is now following with an almost identical offer. Here, too, the prices of 200 selected products for people with a DeutschlandCard will be frozen, but those of Edeka’s own brand “Gut und Billig”. In addition, the “inflation stop” does not apply in all branches, but longer than at Netto, namely until August 31st. In their press release, the retailer announced the campaign only for Edeka Hannover-Minden and wrote:

The campaign is valid in all EDEKA stores, EDEKA centers, MARKTKAUF stores and NP stores. The 200 products are recognizable by the octagonal stop sign with the inscription “Inflation-Stop!”.

The website and also Instagram state that only participating markets freeze prices. In contrast to Netto, however, Edeka encounters criticism in the comments. Users ask whether the prices will be increased again afterwards and which markets are now specifically participating. In addition, the DeutschlandCard brings little to no advantage.

In addition to Edeka and Netto, the drugstore chain Budni also decided to freeze the prices of over 200 items for people with a DeutschlandCard until the end of August.

Not the first European dealer

As the “Lebensmittelzeitung” reported, Netto was not the first European retailer with such an idea. In France, the Leclerc chain launched a similar campaign that will last until July.

The “inflation stop” does not only serve the customers – Finally, the temporary benefit is associated with the purchase of a customer card or DeutschlandCard. Once customers use these, the points system usually spurs them on to make further purchases there. In addition, the data collected through the use of the maps and associated apps can benefit the company’s marketing.


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