Super Mario Odyssey with 10 Marios in one fell swoop: Fan makes multiplayer possible

Super Mario Odyssey with 10 Marios in one fell swoop: Fan makes multiplayer possible
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The 10 Marios can all wear different costumes.

A co-op mode is ideal for many first-party titles from Nintendo, because it allows you to enjoy the fun Mario adventures together with your loved ones. However, Super Mario Odyssey only offers a limited co-op mode in which one person can slip into the role of Mario’s cap, Cappy.

A modder took this as an opportunity to develop a mod that makes it possible to hop through the colorful levels of Super Mario Odyssey with other players. A video shows how funny it looks.

Nine Marios are not enough

It’s all about this: On YouTube, CraftyBoss shows what a more extensive multiplayer mode in Super Mario Odyssey could look like. In the video, seven Marios in different costumes jump around, which not only looks unusual but also hilarious:

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Ten at once: With the mod, a total of ten players can gamble at the same time. The number of moons to collect in the game is shared by all Marios. So if a Mario collects a moon, it counts for all others. This makes it possible to play through Super Mario Odyssey even faster than before.

Caution: If you are interested in the mod, you should remember that this is not official, legal, and verified content. The mod could possibly cause damage to your saved game or cause other errors.

Find out how our team found Super Mario Odyssey in single player mode in this video:

Super Mario Odyssey - Test video for the Jump+Run hit for Nintendo Switch


Super Mario Odyssey – Test video for the Jump&Run hit for Nintendo Switch

More multiplayer modes to come

The mod is still in an early stage, which is why CraftyBoss points out that there may be bugs. Other modes such as hide and seek are also in development, so there will be more activities in the future.

Fans want more than the official two-player mode: In contrast, the previous Super Mario Odyssey local two-player mode looks pretty old. Here, a person can slip into the role of Mario’s cap, Cappy, stopping enemies and collecting items. The consistently positive feedback in the comment column makes it clear how much fans wanted a “real” online mode for Super Mario Odyssey.

What about the next part? A sequel to Super Mario Odyssey has not yet been announced. That’s why we don’t know yet whether Nintendo will possibly take fan requests and install an online multiplayer mode. If a sequel is in the offing, it could possibly be featured in the upcoming Nintendo Direct. According to rumors, this will take place on June 29, 2022.

Do you prefer to play titles like Super Mario Odyssey alone or with others?

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