Steiner with a warning towards Mick Schumacher: Please no accidents in Baku!

Steiner with a warning towards Mick Schumacher: Please no accidents in Baku!
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( – After the Haas Formula 1 team had to report a large amount of accident damage in the current 2022 season, team boss Günther Steiner pointed the admonishing index finger at his pilots before the race weekend in Azerbaijan, on the narrow road course to exercise caution.

Mick Schumacher has already caused havoc at Haas a few times


Steiner is hoping for an accident-free weekend, especially given that the following race is taking place a week later on the other side of the world in Canada and that the logistics are already causing quite a headache.

“We only have a few days to set up in Montreal,” he says. “So if you have damage to the car, it becomes even more difficult. So we hope that we won’t have any damage in Baku.”

Mick Schumacher: Compared to Monaco, Baku is even broad

Mick Schumacher in particular has produced quite a bit of kindling on the street circuits this season. In Jeddah he crashed in qualifying, after which he had to retire from Sunday’s race due to a lack of spare parts, while in the last race in Monaco he again crashed his VF-22. In both cases, it actually split the Haas in two.

Photo gallery: The pictures of Mick Schumacher’s accident in qualifying in Jeddah

“Baku and Monaco are very different, so it’s important to adapt quickly. I think Baku will actually feel quite wide compared to Monaco,” Schumacher looks ahead to the weekend at the Caspian Sea.

“The track actually consists of two different parts, a very fast part and a very tricky and narrow part,” explains Steiner. “I think we made good progress with our car in Spain with the set-up so it should work well in all conditions at the moment.”

Mick Schumacher hopes for points

“We just have to hit the sweet spot in the set-up and then we can also achieve a good result, as we could have achieved in Spain and Monte Carlo if things had gone differently,” explains the Haas team boss.

Schumacher suspects that there will be “more action and more overtaking manoeuvres” in Azerbaijan with the long straight, although in his opinion the DRS effect is not as strong this year as in previous years.

“But now you can drive much closer, so maybe we don’t need the DRS anyway to overtake before the first corner.” The German is also optimistic about the weekend in Azerbaijan, having finished 13th last year, one of his best results of the season.

Haas chances in Baku? Schumacher: “Can score points”

Does Haas have a chance at the GP in Baku? Sky expert Ralf Schumacher assesses the situation in Mick Schumacher’s team before the race, but also calls for an update on the car.

“I really hope that we will have an even better race as our car is much more competitive now. So we should be in a good position for Baku, especially as our car has worked well at every track so far.”

So maybe the first Formula 1 points for Mick Schumacher are possible next weekend. If it doesn’t work out again, the German will have another chance to end the dry spell a week later at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

9,000 km as the crow flies to Canada – Steiner demands a regional calendar

With a linear distance of almost 9,000 kilometers and a flight time of around 13.5 hours from Baku, Canada is geographically anything but a neighboring country of Azerbaijan, which is why calls for a race calendar divided into geographical blocks are getting louder. “It’s a big challenge to travel from one continent to the next. It’s going to be a long journey and the team is working very hard to make sure everything works,” says Steiner.

“As far as plans for next season are concerned, it would be great if we could combine the races regionally,” says the Haas team boss. “I know Stefano Domenicali is working very hard on it and it will go in the right direction next year.”

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