State of Play: Horror, PC supplies and VR ports from Sony

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Sony unveiled new PC ports, a Resident Evil 4 remake, a horror game and new games for PlayStation VR2 at the recent State of Play. Many announcements were hardly a secret lately – but still promise exciting game supplies.

Twice horror

As expected, Capcom has unveiled a remake of Resident Evil 4. Graphics and controls are to be modernized, the story is rethought. Players should find something familiar on the one hand and a fresh gaming experience on the other. The new edition is expected to be available in stores on March 24, 2023 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC.

Callisto Protocol is set in the year 2320 on the Jupiter moon of the same name. A mysterious infection is wreaking havoc there. Players defend themselves against attacks by mutated “biophages” with the help of a gravity weapon, which turns the environment into a weapon. It’s no wonder that the setting sounds a bit like Dead Space: Callisto Protocol was developed by the creators of the EA series. The finished game will be released on December 2nd for consoles and PC. A trailer shows what to expect.

More for the PC

A PC version of Insomniac’s hit Marvel’s Spiderman has long been rumored to be in the rumor mill, and now it’s been confirmed. Under the leadership of the port specialist Nixxes, which Sony bought last year, the remaster version of the open-world title, which combines the main game, smarter graphics and DLCs, as well as its related spin-off Miles Morales, is coming to the PC. They are expanded to include graphics settings and a keyboard control. As on the PlayStation 5, RayTracing is on board. Spiderman goes on sale August 12, Miles Morales is indefinitely announced for “fall”.

Three for VR2

For the second generation of PlayStation VR, Sony brought three games with it. The sci-fi survival game No Man’s Sky, which has come closer to the original vision after five years of tenacious development, will also come to PS VR2. For VR headsets, there has been a version that has been extensively adapted for VR gaming for a good three years, but it should make another leap for the second generation of Sony headsets in parallel with the significantly further developed VR technology.

Also for PSVR2 comes Resident Evil Village (test). The entire story campaign should be playable via headset. The customized version uses the headset’s new Sense controllers to depict the player’s arms. This should make it possible to use two weapons at the same time.

The third title is the already announced VR spin-off Horizon Call of the Mountain, for which Sony is showing gameplay scenes for the first time. It features a boat ride and a climbing sequence starring a new protagonist. Ryas is introduced as a mountaineer and archer. Well-known characters like Aloy from Horizon: Forbidden West should at least appear in the course of the story.

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