Start of the third Blood Bowl 3 beta phase

Start of the third Blood Bowl 3 beta phase
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Blood Bowl 3 will be available in stores in 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. Therefore, NACON and Cyanide Studio announce that the third beta phase of Blood Bowl 3 during the Warhammer Skulls event festival. The beta phase, which lasts until June 12, 2022, brings two new formations, the Chaos Renegades and the Old World Alliance, and introduces a new feature: the playing fields and their specific game rules. Gautier Bresard, project leader for Blood Bowl 3introduces these new features in an exclusive video.

Bitter renegades, die-hard cheaters, or outright foul players, the Chaos Renegades teams represent the true ensemble of the Blood Bowl world—a community so nonconformist that no self-respecting coach would choose to play them on his roster. Orcs, slaves, dark elves, and even trolls, ogres, and minotaurs ally with the most vicious of humans. While their diversity gives these teams a physical advantage, most refuse to play nice or show up to practice together.

Speaking of diversity: The teams in the Old World Alliance also have a say. In the bustling pubs of Old World cities, former drinking buddies have formed teams of their own. Blending the raw strength of ogres and treemen, the agility of halflings, the tenacity of dwarves, and the balanced playstyle of humans, Old World Alliance teams make the most of each member’s talents.

The playing fields and their features

The Chaos Chosen pitch is an ode to desolation: a barren stone floor lined with huge sculpted skulls and bleachers, separated by a ditch into which the losing team is thrown. The playing field turns into an open-air torture chamber when someone spills blood on the ground: the ditches fill with molten lava, and those struck by the heat find it difficult to move and, in the worst cases, suffer heat stroke, from which they suffer have to recover on the sidelines.

Another of the game boards introduced is dedicated to one of the gods of chaos: Nurgle. This terrifying swamp awakens when someone dies during gameplay. Then carnivorous plants sprout and a horde of worms begin to squirm across the field, making it difficult for the fastest participants to run and catch the ball.

The final board to be introduced is that of the Dark Elves. This wooden playing field lies on the water and gives the impression that it is more suitable for seafarers. When the first touchdown is scored and the crowd’s roar reaches its peak, this strange water scene turns into a nightmare as a tentacled monster is awakened. The platform becomes unstable and it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone who is stunned to regain consciousness. Anyone who moves too fast will draw the monster’s attention and will be attacked.

Blood Bowl 3 is crazier, bloodier and more exciting than ever, catering to both universe and strategy game fans alike. At launch, the game will feature 12 teams with their own court and cheerleaders, solo and multiplayer modes, and more customization options than any other Blood Bowl game.


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