As always, the best came last: Towards the end of the Xbox Showcase, Bethesda Chief Developer Todd Howard took the stage and had one more thing he’d like to show the gaming world: around 15 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming science Fi role-playing game “Starfield”, which is often referred to as “Skyrim in space” and yet will be so much bigger, more diverse and more ambitious.

The clip highlights key gameplay elements. So you land with your character on a moon, scan fauna and flora, collect ores and finally liberate a station controlled by pirates in a heated firefight – including jet pack flights.

Play and explore for years?

Later in the video we go to New Atlantis, the center of all inquisitive astronauts. Here it also becomes clear that in around 100 star systems and on around 1,000 planets and moons one is looking for “talking” artefacts that are supposed to solve the greatest mystery of the universe and “change” mankind forever. However, you can also commit yourself to far less iron goals – if you want to.

In any case, “freedom” is a central feature of “Starfield”: It starts with the extensive character editor, extends to a variety of skill trees and crafting options and does not end with the construction of your own outposts and spaceships.

However, PC and Xbox owners will have to wait until the first half of 2023 before they can take off into virtual space.