Splitgate Beta Season 2 Update is now live on PC, Xbox and PlayStation – PIXEL.

Splitgate Beta Season 2 Update is now live on PC, Xbox and PlayStation – PIXEL.
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1047 Games, the team behind the free-to-play hit split gate, today unveiled a new major update that marks the biggest step towards AAA competition yet. Today’s update overhauls the portal first-person shooter’s progression and matchmaking systems as part of the migration to an all-new server framework and adds a ton of brand new content, including three new modes, a beautifully revamped map (Abyss), a enticing new Battle Pass and sharing custom maps.

split gate already offers 20 game modes and Beta Season 2 increases the number of game options for new and already die-hard fans with Juggernaut, Hotzone and Lockdown to 23. In Juggernaut, a player is randomly powered up and must now survive against all others. Hotzone forces players to play aggressively and hold a neutral zone for 30 seconds to score points. Finally, Lockdown introduces a new twist on Domination, challenging teams to control three different zones in order to score a single point.

As they battle through these three new game modes, players will experience the revamped progression system of split gate. As you progress through 100 levels, you earn meaningful rewards for your characters, and once you reach the level cap, you advance to a new tier: “Pro 1”. There are another 100 levels waiting with tempting rewards. With brand new iconic decals attached to the cards, you can now brag about the last challenge you’ve mastered on your way to Pro10.

split gates new and improved server backend implemented last month is the new driving force behind the game. This completes a major migration process started by 1047 last year. This update replaces Splitgate’s current matchmaking system and makes the process of getting into a match faster than ever. After the launch of this update, players will also see fewer bots and more similarly skilled opponents.

One of Splitgate’s classic maps has also been reworked: Abyss. The new version of the map, created from scratch, keeps its classic charm and offers more possibilities to play with portals thanks to additional portal walls. Creative players can also create their own maps on the brand new island “Wet Ocean” and easily share or save them to the cloud.

To celebrate the launch of Splitgate’s second season, 1047 Games and Luminosity are teaming up for an esports matchup pitting developers against a team of pros and popular streamer Lirik. The event will start on June 3rd at 19:00 CEST and will be streamed live on Splitgate’s Twitch channel – MoistCr1tikal will be doing the shoutcasting.
Esports’ newest pro team will also answer MoistCr1tikal’s questions in dedicated interview segments. Don’t miss it!

Since the start of the open beta in summer 2021, we are pleased split gate Hugely popular on PC and consoles, it quickly became one of the hit titles of the season. split gate combines classic first-person shooter action with portal mechanics for a new, unique multiplayer experience where each map offers endless possibilities to blast away enemies. split gates Beta Season 2 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam Deck, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

For more information follow 1047 Games on Twitter, Discord or go directly to the portal.

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