Space Beast Terror Fright – A co-op alien shooter

Space Beast Terror Fright – A co-op alien shooter
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Space Beast Terror Fright is the first game by the Swedish solo developer John Norneby alias nornware from Gothenburg. Back then, it was submitted via the Steam Greenlight, which has unfortunately since been removed. The game’s journey began in mid-April 2015 with the start of Early Access on Steam. Since then, Space Beast Terror Fright has been continuously developed and provided with many new updates. The full release of the game followed on June 4, 2022.

After more than 7 years of development, Space Beast Terror Fright was released as a full release on Steam on June 4th, 2022.

What is Space Beast Terror Fright about?

Space Beast Terror Fright is a challenging arcade-style roguelike first-person shooter that also features up to four-player co-op. The game, which bears a bit of resemblance to GTFO, to name a current title, is a deliberate homage by the developer to the Alien film series with its dark, menacing and claustrophobic corridors and always good for a little jump scare.

Space Beast Terror Fright
Dark corridors await us in Space Beast Terror Fright. Luckily you have a small tracking device with you

Data cores and nasty aliens in a procedurally generated spaceship

In the game, you slip into the role of a Space Marine who, alone or with friends, boards an abandoned spaceship to extract important data. These data cores are distributed throughout the procedurally generated ship. To make matters worse, the ship’s dark, labyrinthine corridors are infested with hordes of deadly space beasts ready to attack. And there is more to do to complete the mission successfully. With all of the data cores recovered, the Marines must also overload the main reactor to destroy the ship once they make it out alive.

Once you’ve decided on your initial weapon setup, you’re ready to go. The other equipment is only rudimentary at first. A small tracking device detects nearby movements and shows the distance to the nearest data core. However, the salvaged data cores allow the marines to receive useful upgrades such as better ammunition or more effective motion detectors, which significantly increase their chances of survival.

Friendly fire, closed doors and the hectic walk back to the airlock

The space beasts tend to attack in larger numbers, making it important to activate automated sentry robots that are scattered around the ship and provide fire cover for the marines. While sentry sentries are programmed not to fire when stray marines are in their arc of fire, panicked firing into the darkness can still result in friendly fire incidents.

Another factor in surviving the missions are the numerous doors that connect the corridors. A closed door prevents a quick escape, but also ensures that the marines are not attacked from several directions at once. Once the data cores have been recovered, most of the aliens have been removed and the reactor is overloaded, the team still has an uncomfortable 90 seconds to find their way to the airlock and undock.

Space Beast Terror Fright
Apparently there are also missions in Space Beast Terror Fright in which you have to evacuate civilians from the alien-infested ship.

Space Beast Terror Fright makes a very good first impression on me as a solo marine and is really challenging. Procedurally arranged musical accompaniment that syncs with the in-game storyline and gorgeous retro graphics create a great atmosphere that’ll have your finger on the trigger with excitement. I can only recommend SPBT at this point and hope to be able to try it out in a squad of 4 one day. Finally, as always, there is a look at the trailer for the game, enjoy!

More about the game: Steam

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