Southside Open-Air 2022: bands, dates, tickets

Good morning, dear festival friends! The weather is getting hot, we are already. Today we report on the day of arrival before the bands start tomorrow.

After a two-year Corona break, the Southside is returning to Neuhausen ob Eck. We will keep you up to date with the most important and up-to-date information about the Open Air in our news blog.

Key facts at a glance:

  • June 17th to 19th in Neuhausen ob Eck (district of Tuttlingen)
  • Up to 65,000 festival visitors are expected
  • Corona restrictions should no longer exist

+++ That’s it from the first day of the festival. Here you can read our report from the day of arrival at the festival site +++

++ On the way with the traffic police on the Southside

(8:30 p.m.) Our editor was out with the traffic police today, who arranged the journey.

+++ Click here for her report. +++

++ Code word “Panama” for sexual harassment

(6:32 p.m.) In all the party mood, one more tip – in the hope that nobody needs it: If someone is sexually harassed, there is a code word: “Panama”. Among other things, the police also have corresponding ribbons on their arms.

These ribbons show the code word with which those affected can get help in the event of sexual harassment. (Photo: Linda Seiss)

++ Only one accident on arrival

(6.15 p.m.) The organizer expects that around 85 percent of the visitors will have arrived on Corpus Christi day. Around 5 p.m. it was already between 70 and 75 percent. According to the traffic police, there have been no accidents apart from a minor accident at the level of the VIP accreditations at the open-air museum, in which a mobile home crashed into a BMW while maneuvering.

So far there has been hardly any damage to vehicles. (Photo: Linda Seiss)

++ Traffic chaos in Fridingen eliminated

(4:22 p.m.) The traffic situation from the direction of Fridingen has also eased after the traffic police intervened to regulate it. Christoph Steilner, Traffic Section Manager, and Fabian Maier, Management Assistant, are on duty at the junction towards Neuhausen.

Head of traffic operations section and Fabian Maier, management assistant, are on duty at the junction towards Neuhausen. (Photo: Linda Seiss)

++ Tent city is already standing

(15.29) The visitors have hardly arrived when the tent city is already up. However, many are still stuck in traffic. If you are coming from the direction of Fridingen (for example with a mobile home), you still need patience. However, the organizer has reacted and has now opened more parking spaces. Problem: There are no alternative routes that the police could offer.

The tent city is already up, the parking lot is filling up. (Photo: Police)

++ Half of the visitors are already there

(2:52 p.m.) Around 2 p.m., about half of the visitors had already arrived. At peak times, the police and security can direct 2,900 vehicles per hour to the parking spaces. There is no concrete capacity, there are sufficient alternative areas, it says when asked by our newspaper. The shuttle buses, which are escorted to the site by the police, still have priority.

In Tuttlingen the guests wait patiently for the entrance to the festival area. (Photo: private)

++ The high temperatures ensure sporting activities

(2.40 p.m.) The first visitors are already preparing to fill up under pressure. This is also possible while the rest of the team is still setting up the tent.

These guests take the pre-glow on the first day of the festival very seriously.

++ Traffic jam to the festival site

(2:23 p.m.) There is already a lot going on at the festival site. Much more on the streets.

Traffic to the Southside 2022

++ Storms are possible

(1:57 p.m.) Hot, hotter, hottest: “Brachial heat is approaching Germany,” says daswetter.com. There should be temperatures up to 40 degrees. Will there be a bang over the festival site? A conversation with weather expert Jürgen Hieber.

Southside: Festival-goers are faced with extreme heat with the potential for severe weather

Southside: Festival-goers are faced with extreme heat with the potential for severe weather plus

++ Not much going on at the feeding mile yet

(1:41 p.m.) The food stalls are open, but not much is going on yet. Most are still busy putting up the tents.

There is still little going on at the food stalls.
There is still little going on at the food stalls. (Photo: Rehfuss)

++ Police guide shuttle buses past

(12.35 p.m.) The traffic jam on the B311 from Tuttlingen gets better at lunchtime. From Worndorf, however, there is still a lot going on, visitors have to be distributed to the correct parking spaces. The police keep guiding shuttle buses past traffic jams.

On the road with the police: The officers keep guiding shuttle buses past traffic jams.

++ Traffic jams form

(11.57 a.m.) Between Tuttlingen and Neuhausen there is a lot of traffic jams. However, the mood of those arriving is good and relaxed, as the police report on the drive to the festival site. It was much busier than expected much earlier. The business park is already populated by visitors.

++ It’s finally that time again: Southside 2022

Thursday, June 16, 10 a.m. – After a forced break of two years, the “Southside” music festival is returning to Upper Swabia. The tickets for the event from June 17th to 19th in Neuhausen ob Eck (Tuttlingen district) have been sold out for a few weeks, said a spokesman for the organizer FKP Scorpio. “Most just kept their ticket from previous years.”

At 8.30 a.m. the first shuttle bus departs from Tuttlingen train station in the direction of the festival site: the atmosphere is good, there is plenty of space – even for two garbage cans filled to the brim with beer. “That has proven itself in recent years,” explains a young man. Arrived in Neuhausen but then the disillusionment: long queues in front of the wristband issue. Those waiting make do with the first (or second) beer of the day.

When handing out wristbands and entering the campsite, luggage is checked strictly and extensively. This does not go down well with all festival-goers. A group from Heinstetten has been there since seven and waited more than two hours to hand out the wristband.

At least it’s a bit cloudy now and not quite as hot.

The queue in front of the wristband issue.
The queue in front of the wristband issue. (Photo: Rehfuss)

++ The countdown is on: the first visitors are arriving

For everyone to read: How to get to the festival site by bus and train:

By bus and train to the Southside?  How to get to the festival this year

By bus and train to the Southside? How to get to the festival this year

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