Slimmer, lighter and more powerful MacBooks

Apple M2, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro
Slimmer, lighter and more powerful MacBooks

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At the Apple developer conference, the iPhone manufacturer not only presented a new processor. Rather, the Macbook Air has become thinner, lighter and more powerful. In addition, the 13-inch Macbook Pro now also works with the M2 processor.

Apple boss Tim Cook presented the new MacBook Air at the developer conference.

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In addition to innovations in the Apple operating systems, the iPhone manufacturer presented the M2, a new generation of chips, at the developer conference. Manufactured using 5 nanometer technology. With 20 billion transistors, there are around 25 percent more transistors than in the previous model. According to Apple, the processor is not only faster and more powerful, but also particularly energy-efficient. The new CPU will be installed in the notebooks also presented at the developer conference.

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MacBook Air

Apple has also changed the design of the Macbook Air a bit. The slim notebook is now even thinner at 11.3 mm and weighs less than three pounds. The volume is said to have decreased by 20 percent. The Macbook Air is also available in two new finishes – Midnight and North Star.

The display of the Macbook Air has become larger and measures 13.6 inches diagonally. And while the resolution is almost unchanged at 2,560 x 1,664 pixels, the screen is 25 percent brighter at 500 nits. A 1080p Facetime HD camera and a sound system with four speakers are also installed. A ring of three microphones should also ensure clear audio recordings and voices.

Apple has introduced a compact 35 W power supply with two USB-C ports to go with the more powerful notebooks. This allows two devices to be charged at the same time. The Macbook Air also supports fast charging. The corresponding power adapter (67 W with USB-C connection) is available as an accessory from Apple.

MacBook Pro

The Macbook Pro also works with the eight-core M2 processor, but it has otherwise remained essentially unchanged compared to the previous model from 2020. Apple has only increased the maximum RAM, the notebook can now offer up to 24 GB. In addition, a 67 W charger (with USB-C) is now included in the scope of delivery for faster charging of the 13-inch Macbook Pro (M2).

Both notebooks have macOS Monterey as the operating system. An update will be released in autumn with macOS Ventura. The operating system is primarily intended to facilitate collaboration between devices, but also between users. For example, the Camera Handoff feature uses the iPhone as a webcam on a Mac, and the Handoff feature in Facetime allows users to start a call on their iPhone and continue uninterrupted on their Mac. And in the Safari browser, “Passkey” is intended to herald the end of passwords.

Both notebooks should be available from July 2022. The Macbook Air (M2) will cost from 1,499 euros (RRP), while the RRP of the Macbook Pro (13 inch, M2) starts at 1,599 euros.

Apple has already installed the powerful M1 chips in the new MacBooks Pro.


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