“Sing my song” with Floor Jansen: “Nightwish” star on bizarre fan gifts

“Sing my song” with Floor Jansen: “Nightwish” star on bizarre fan gifts
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It was musical again on VOX on Tuesday evening: “Sing my song” this time offered the songs of metal star Floor Jansen (41) a stage. The “Nightwish” singer can look forward to a huge worldwide fan community – and a particularly bizarre fan gift…

Clueso becomes a rocker

She is Dutch, lives in Sweden and sings in a Finnish band: Floor Jansen’s story deeply impressed the “Sing mein Song” stars. Pop star Clueso (42) enthused: “Floor Jansen is a legend!”

Musician Elif (29) had great respect for the upcoming challenge of reinterpreting a title by Floor: “She’s the best singer here and always sings us on the wall.”

Sängerin Elif bei ihrer Interpretation eines Floor-SongsPhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

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Singer Elif performing a floor songPhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

After singer and songwriter Lotte (26) had delighted the audience with her version of “Noise”, Clueso grabbed the microphone and warned: “But I also have to apologize. I’ve always wanted to do rock. And I heard ‘Sleeping Sun’ and started writing straight away. I’m sorry that it doesn’t have as much to do with the melody of the original anymore.”

And really: “Sleeping Sun” was hardly recognizable, Clueso had turned it into a German rock number. But Floor didn’t mind that at all, she jumped up and enthusiastically danced along: “That was a whole new song. We now have the Rock Clueso. And your voice!”

Clueso wurde an dem Abend zum Rocker – dem Rest gefiel das sehrPhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

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Clueso turned rocker that night – the rest loved it Photo: RTL / Markus Hertrich

SDP’s Dag-Alexis Kopplin (38) even claimed: “You’re the grunge guy, dude. Clueso Cobain, Kurt Clueso, I don’t know… I saw you in a rehearsal room like this in 1990 with long hair, badly dyed blonde, a bit matted.”

Researcher names beetles after Floor

Johannes Oerding (40) worked on the song “Why love died”, which Floor had recorded together with her music project “Northward”. However, Elif had one important question on his mind: “How many times has someone got a tattoo of you?”

Floor revealed that a number of fans already wear the Nightwish band logo on their bodies – however, one fan had a very special way of showing his admiration for Floor.

To this end, Oerding started a small quiz in the group: “What was named after Floor Jansen? Was it A a type of tulip, B a town in Finland or C an insect?” Lotte joked: “I would also like D, the dance floor”. But Dag was already sure: “I am for insect. A researcher might have discovered a new insect and been a big Floor Jansen fan.”

And right – Oerding explained: “There is a species of beetle called Tmesisternus floorjanseni.” Floor explained how this fan gift came about: “We have a big Nightwish fan. He’s a biologist, found a new species of beetle in New Guinea and didn’t have a name yet.”

At the end of the evening, Floor presented the band SDP with the protea for the “song of the evening” – but not for solving the insect puzzle, but for their interpretation of “Amaranth”. The two had also delivered a German version and floored Floor with it: “Wow. So bad. Unbelievable. I’m so touched.”

In the next episode next Tuesday, Johannes Oerding’s songs will be brought to the stage.


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