“Sing my song”: Johannes Oerding’s embarrassing experience with Tokio Hotel

“Sing my song”: Johannes Oerding’s embarrassing experience with Tokio Hotel
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THIS band didn’t need his advice.

On Tuesday evening, song swapping was again on the program at VOX. This week, the host of the show, Johannes Oerding (40), was able to look forward to new interpretations of his hits.

The singer-songwriter had already made a good impression on his “Sing my Song” round. Singer and rapper Clueso (42) raved about his colleague: “Johannes is just a cool dude. This is a sure-fire success. That’s assisted living with him. “Singer Kelvin Jones (27), despite his girlfriend, became very horny: “One of the sexiest people in the world. It’s very hard for me when he’s so sexy.”

Emotionen kamen an diesem Abend bei Johannes Oerding, Kelvin Jones und Dag-Alexis Kopplin von der Band SDP (v. l.) nicht zu kurzPhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/emotionen-kamen-an-diesem-abend-bei-johannes-oerding-kelvin-jones-und-dag-alexis-kopplin-von- der-ban-09dca4850a184554aace921550d8997b-80329180/Bild/2.bild.jpg”/>

Emotions were not neglected that evening with Johannes Oerding, Kelvin Jones and Dag-Alexis Kopplin from the band SDP (from left).Photo: RTL / Markus Hertrich

So runs at Oerding – and has been since his youth. Before Jones’ performance on the song “Blinde Passengers”, Johannes talked about his early days as a musician: “I had my first artist contract when I was 17. I was in a recording studio near Lüneburg. I thought: Here we go! I always went there on vacation, lived in the artist’s apartment above the studio. At the time, I didn’t even know where the journey was going.”

However, Oerding was not alone in the studio at the time. Much younger guys came by more and more often: “Suddenly there was always a band called Devilish. The boys were between 13 and 15, something like that. Then I hung out with them, we always made music.”

At that time, Oerding already had a few years as a musician under his belt and felt called upon to bring the Devilish gang down to earth: “At some point I sat around in the kitchen with the two boys and said to them: You know, boys , the music thing is a bit like playing the lottery. You have to make sure you do something else. It may not work. Make sure you cover yourself!”

The rest is music history: the band stormed the charts under the name Tokio Hotel, and Johannes Oerding couldn’t believe it: “Half a year later: Tokio Hotel is the biggest band in Europe, everywhere! And I thought: Those are the guys from the kitchen. I was so ashamed that I told Gustav the drummer and Tom about the horse.”

2006 waren sie schon europaweit bekannt: die Band Tokio Hotel, bestehend aus Gustav, Georg, Bill und Tom (v. l.)Photo: imago images / Tinkeres

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/2006-were-they-already-known-over-europe-die-band-tokio-hotel-behrend-aus-gustav-georg-bill- and-to-c4ed2a7c2ab742d28e8bbc4345c449af-80329154/image/2.image.jpg”/>

In 2006 they were already known throughout Europe: the band Tokio Hotel, consisting of Gustav, Georg, Bill and Tom (from left)Photo: imago images / Tinkeres

But that wasn’t the only unpleasant situation for Oerding. He reported on an evening event by his producer Peter Hoffmann (68), who had proudly placed his protégé Johannes next to him and saw him as a big star: “I have a feeling like Falco.”

Two years later, however, at the same evening event, Tom and Bill Kaulitz (32) sat with a band on the square and Hoffmann also raved about them: “Tokio Hotel. I have a feeling like I did with Falco back then.” Johannes Oerding remembered the bad moment: “I just slumped back there.”

However, he doesn’t take it amiss when the producer said: “Peter, my friend, I don’t blame you.” In the end, the music career worked out well anyway.

Clueso traf Johannes Oerding mit seiner Performance ins HerzPhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

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Clueso hit Johannes Oerding in the heart with his performancePhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

The emotions were not neglected at the “Sing mein Song” evening either. The performance of Clueso (42) for the song “Im February” was tearful for Oerding – he had written the song for a friend who had an accident. Now Clueso sang it with new text and knocked Oerding off his stool: “He just hit me incredibly and touched me, including your new lines.” For Clueso there was the winning protea.

The big duet evening is on the program for the season finale next week.


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