“Sing my song”: Elif’s ex almost drove her to the end of her career

“Sing my song”: Elif’s ex almost drove her to the end of her career
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The next exchange concert was on VOX’s program on Tuesday evening. In “Sing mein Song” the titles of singer and songwriter Elif (29) were reinterpreted.

Elif had already caused a stir last year: at the “Eurovision Song Contest” competition event “Free ESC” by cult entertainer Stefan Raab (55) last year, she had performed with a made-up violet. She wanted to take a stand against violence against women and LQBTQ members in Turkey.

Ex-boyfriend wanted to destroy Elif’s career

This evening was not just about having fun. After singer Lotte (26) performed the song “Nur mir”, Elif recalled with horror a past toxic relationship – which almost cost her her career: “I met several women who can’t get out of relationships. I wouldn’t have gotten out without a good friend helping me.”

The ex had not begrudge her the success at all: “He had me under control, all my emotions. He really wanted me to stay. He also told me that nobody wants to hear me sing. I think if I hadn’t gotten over that, I would have stopped singing. He talked me into staying at home and not making music anymore. That was really, really vicious. But I’ve already forgiven him.”

Auf der Bühne gibt sie alles: Elif bei „Sing meinen Song“Photo: Markus Hertrich/RTL

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She gives everything on stage: Elif on “Sing my song”Photo: Markus Hertrich/RTL

She has now learned from the experience: “It opened my eyes so blatantly. Why am I falling in love with someone like that?”

Lotte had similar experiences: “When it happened to me, I started to doubt myself. I’ve been wondering: What’s wrong with me that I’m not going? That’s why your song moved me so blatantly, because you left.”

But Elif also uses her childhood experiences in a Turkish family in her compositions. For her, her career as a musician was an escape from the strictly regulated parental home: “I fled from home a bit. I was a different Elif at home than I was outside. Outdoor Elif just does their thing and doesn’t think too much about whether it’s right or wrong.”

Das Leben zwischen zwei Kulturen war nicht immer leicht für die SängerinPhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

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Life between two cultures was not always easy for the singerPhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

For example, it would have been “wrong” to get too close to host Johannes Oerding (40): “If I shake hands with you, it won’t work again. My parents were a little stricter on that.”

After she took part in “Popstars”, things went uphill for Elif – and that as a teenager: “My parents signed my very first record deal. I was 17 then. But then I left home because I just didn’t get along with my parents anymore.”

Clueso sings for his grandpa

Clueso (42) went particularly the nozzle before his appearance. He had rewritten the text for Elif’s “Anlaufmachen” and wanted to dedicate his version to his deceased grandfather, whose picture he placed on the “Sing mein Song” table: “He got me into music, if you want it that way. I’ve been shaking since the beginning of the journey to perform this song. I think it’s one of the most important songs for me out of the whole season.”

Sänger Clueso ebenfalls beim „Bunte New Faces AwardPhoto: Getty Images

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Singer Clueso also at the “Bunte New Faces Award”. He sings on “Sing meine Song” for a very special family memberPhoto: Getty Images

The lump in his throat got so big that Clueso even missed his bet. When the music started, he couldn’t get a word out: “I have a blackout. Let’s do it again. I will soon be there.”

Shortly afterwards everything went smoothly – but Clueso couldn’t hold back his tears any more than Elif and “Nightwish” singer Floor Jansen (41).

Elif was overwhelmed: “The fact that he brought his own story into it and opened up like that… I’ve never seen him like that before.”

Clueso ist vielseitig bei seiner Musik: Er singt, rappt und schreibt Songs selbstPhoto: Markus Hertrich / RTL

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/clueso-ist-versatile-in-his-music-he-sings-raps-and-writes-songs-self-a5ff7ed5d7934888816f0a15900b197a-80040090/ picture/6.picture.jpg”/>

Clueso is versatile in his music: he sings, raps and writes songs himselfPhoto: Markus Hertrich / RTL

Elif breaks “sing my song” rule

But since singer-songwriter Kelvin Jones (27) with “Alles ist helal”, SDP with “Mein Babe”, Floor with “Freunde” and Johannes Oerding with “Unter meine Haut” caused a storm of enthusiasm, Elif decided at the end of the In the evening to a drastic step. She refused to choose a “song of the evening” and without further ado broke the protea plant to be presented: “For me you were all blatant. Fuck the rules!”

Kelvin Jones can look forward to new versions of his songs next week.


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