“Sing my song”-Aus: That’s why Elif had to leave before the final

“Sing my song”-Aus: That’s why Elif had to leave before the final
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One seat remained empty.

The ninth season of “Sing meine Song” traditionally ended with star duets. On Tuesday evening, host Johannes Oerding (40) gathered the round as usual under the starry sky of South Africa, but made a less happy face than usual.

The reason: One seat remained empty. Sadly, Oerding revealed the reason: “Unfortunately, Elif had to leave earlier because she is needed at home for private reasons.”

Johannes Oerding und Lotte sangen im DuettPhoto: Markus Herderich/RTL

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Johannes Oerding and Lotte sang in a duetPhoto: Markus Herderich/RTL

He wanted to dedicate this evening to the singer: “That’s why we greet our Elif here in the South African night sky. We already miss you. We sing for you too, Elif, and send you a lot of strength.”

Sängerin Elif, hier in einer vergangenen Folge, musste „Sing meinen Song“ frühzeitig verlassenPhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

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Singer Elif, here in a past episode, had to leave “Sing mein Song” earlyPhoto: RTL / Markus Hertrich

The musician did not name what the private reason was. RTL is now providing clarity.

Because of a death in the family, Elif went home before the end of filming. Neither the broadcaster nor the singer gave any further details.

The mood at the finale of “Sing mein Song” quickly rose again to unexpected heights: the Zimbabwean-British singer and songwriter Kelvin Jones (27) performed his hit “Tanzen” together with Clueso (42). Together they made the stars dance so wildly that Dag-Alexis Kopplin (38) from SDP then complained: “I hurt myself so much. Artists on the ground!”

In the joint duet with Nightwish singer Floor Jansen (41), the pain was quickly forgotten. With the song “Amaranth” Dag even played a brilliant guitar solo. Clueso was flabbergasted: “It’s like something out of a movie.”

Kelvin Jones (l.) und Clueso brachten die Stimmung wieder zum BrodelnPhoto: Markus Herderich/RTL

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Kelvin Jones (l.) And Clueso got the mood boiling againPhoto: Markus Herderich/RTL

Floor was deeply impressed by the “Sing meine Song” experiences: “How much I felt loved and respected in a German pop music world. Totally new to me. I really love the German language and I can imagine that I can learn it better. Every day a little more.”

After the SDP duet “Fuck baby, I’m in love” with the singer lotte (26) but then the longing came back very quickly. Floor thought of her colleague Elif – and suddenly had tears in her eyes: “That she’s not here now…” Oerding also missed the German-Turkish singer sorely: “How do you know that Elif isn’t there? Not just because there is one more place available here.”

The singer seems to have special culinary preferences. Oerding: “The whole sausage salad here, everything that has to do with meat. Elif usually ate it all by himself. It sounds funny, but it’s a bit reminiscent of Elif.” Clueso also seemed sad: “There’s just something missing. You’ve grown together, and a spice is just out. A very clear one.”

After the SDP song “A corpse” performed by Elif in a previous broadcast was recorded, Dag also became very sentimental: “When you see them in the excerpts, you get a feeling of missing them. Little sister not there.”

As a consolation, there was an extended group cuddle and a touched, final “thank you” from Johannes Oerding at the big end of the season after the joint appearance of Clueso and SDP with “Tanz aus der Reihe”: “That was amazing!”


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