Shadow: Realignment of the cloud PC offering presented

Shadow: Realignment of the cloud PC offering presented
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Shadow had announced some time ago that they wanted to reposition themselves. Today the time had come and we started chatting. The chair is now Octave Klaba, founder of OVHcloud. He now also wants to launch a cloud storage solution for private and business use under the Shadow banner. At the same time, Shadow should become the most important cloud platform for gamers, creative people and companies.

The subscription will also be staggered. The starting price remains at 29.99 euros per month. But the so-called “Power Upgrade” is introduced, which then requires an additional 14.99 euros per month. How is the power upgrade composed? Well, there you get a more powerful computer in the cloud with AMD Epyc 7543P as CPU, an Nvidia GeForce 3070 or Nvidia’s comparable graphics solutions for professional users or alternatively AMD Radeon Pro V620 or RDNA-2-based GPUs and 16 GB RAM.

Which GPU model you are allocated depends on the selection of the local data center. Details on the availability of the GPUs in each country will be announced shortly. The Shadow Power Upgrade is available for pre-order this summer and will be available worldwide in the fall. Before the global launch, there will be an early access phase for selected users – more details will be announced shortly.

Additionally, Shadow VR was announced in Early Access, the first VR experience to run entirely on the cloud. Also revealed today was the redesign of the overlay interface, as you can see in the image above.

Shadow Drive is Shadow’s online storage solution and will be available this fall. It was developed in cooperation with Nextcloud. Shadow Drive allows users to store their data and access it from anywhere. The data is accessed via web, desktop and mobile apps, which will be presented shortly. Shadow Drive is secured by encrypting traffic and will be available in all markets where Shadow operates via European owned and based servers.

Shadow Drive will be available for free with up to 20GB of storage space. A premium version of the service will be available for €8.99 per month and will offer up to 2 TB of storage. Shadow Drive will be soft-launched to select users this summer and to everyone in Europe in the fall.

Shadow Business Solutions then intends to offer cloud computing tailor-made for creative people, companies and business applications. Shadow Business Solutions enables companies to create, manage and access a range of professional cloud computing units. This starts with a single high-end workstation and extends to the rendering power of entire servers. With Shadow Business Solutions, 3D artists, architects or engineers can use Windows software with high performance while using their everyday devices.

Shadow plans to provide the community with further updates in the coming weeks and months. One can be curious.

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