Second semi-final at ESC: Serbian Lady Gaga makes the most bizarre appearance

Second semi-final at ESC: Serbian Lady Gaga makes the most bizarre appearance
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Colourful, flashy and sometimes very emotional…

On Thursday evening, the last 18 acts sang in the second preliminary round for one of the coveted tickets for the final of the “Euro Vision Song Contest”. Her performance was out of the ordinary: the Serbian singer Konstrakta (43) sat in front of a bowl of water with curd soap and washed her hands again and again. A performance with a message.

In her home country, the artist is a star and is even compared to Lady Gaga (36). At the ESC, she started as an underdog with the title “In Corpore Sano”. Her performance was all the more striking. Konstrakta, whose real name is Ana Djuric, appeared all in white. The five men and women behind her wore black robes and white towels over their shoulders.

Mit ihrem Song „In Corpore Sano“ wollte die Serbin eine Botschaft sendenPhoto: Getty Images

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With her song “In Corpore Sano” the Serbian wanted to send a messagePhoto: Getty Images

When the singer wasn’t washing her hands, everyone clapped rhythmically to the beat of the music. But what was the point? In her song, the Serbian sings against the obsession with health, to which everything in life is subordinated. The spectacle even impressed ESC commentator Peter Urban (74), who summarized the performance as follows: “There she sits and washes her hands. The towels are handed out and she creates a striking piece of music theater with minimalist tones.” In the end, it was enough for the singer for the finale.

2000s band with the comeback

For this band, the ESC is also an international comeback. The Finnish rockers The Rasmus had a worldwide hit in 2003 with In The Shadows. On Thursday evening they opened the second semi-final with the song “Jezebel”. Singer Lauri Ylönen (43) first sang in a yellow raincoat and then shirtless. The number was so well received that the Finns also made it to the final.

„The Rasmus“ hatten 2003 einen internationalen Mega-HitPhoto: Getty Images

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“The Rasmus” had an international mega hit in 2003Photo: Getty Images

Others opted for soft tones. Sheldon Riley (23) entered the race for Australia with the song “Not The Same” and processed the bullying of his schoolmates in it. The white train of his fantasy outfit weighed an impressive 40 kilos. During the performance, the singer wore a mask made of pearl necklaces. The performance was rewarded with a final ticket. Explanation: Australia has been allowed to take part in the competition as a non-European country since 2015 because it is a member of the European Broadcasting Union.

40 Kilo wog das Outfit von Sheldon RileyPhoto: Getty Images

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Sheldon Riley’s outfit weighed 40 kilosPhoto: Getty Images

Singer Vladana (35) from Montenegro shed a few tears at the end of her song “Breath”. With the song, the artist processed the death of her mother, who died of the corona virus. There was intermittent applause. Peter Urban commented: “The dramatic ESC ballad – formerly standard, today an exception.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the finale.

Schaffte es nicht ins Final: Sängerin Vladana aus MontenegroPhoto: MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/schfte-es-nicht-ins-final-saengerin-vladana-aus-montenegro-21841508f9dd44cbbce7fe10affcf0e6-80069160/Bild/4.bild.jpg” />

Did not make it to the final: singer Vladana from MontenegroPhoto: MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP

Singer Achille Lauro (31, San Marino) was one of THE eye-catchers on the show with his song “Stripper”. The bird of paradise performed in a transparent glitter suit, wore a feather boa and cowboy boots. During the performance, he rode a mechanical bull and kissed his guitarist. At the end, fountains of fire went up. That was pure Glam Rock. Unfortunately, the shrill musician did not make it into the final.

Feuerfontäne, Glitzeranzug, mechanischer Bulle: Sänger Achille Lauro aus San MarinoPhoto: Luca Bruno/dpa

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/feuerfontaene-glitzersuit-mechanischer-bulle-saenger-achille-lauro-aus-san-marino-9d20862c29644d55acebb1eb260d32ab-80069168/Bild/4.bild. jpeg”/>

Fire fountain, glitter suit, mechanical bull: singer Achille Lauro from San MarinoPhoto: Luca Bruno/dpa

These countries are also in the final:

︎ Belgium: Jérémie Makiese with “Miss You”

▶︎ Czech Republic: We Are Dome with “Lights Off”

▶︎ Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli with “Fade To Black”

▶︎ Poland: Ochman with “River”

▶︎Estonia: Stefan with “Hope”

︎ Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs with “Hold Me Closer”

▶︎ Romania: “Llámame”


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