Samsung Isocell: 1-inch sensor with 200 megapixels on the way?

Samsung Isocell: 1-inch sensor with 200 megapixels on the way?
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Samsung’s semiconductor division announced an upcoming Isocell innovation on Twitter. The camera sensor aims to do nothing less than change smartphone photography. Leakers speak of an increase in size and 200 megapixels.

With the words “take your shots beyond pro” Samsung is promoting an Isocell announcement to be made shortly. Aside from the fact that it’s about smartphone photography, it’s unclear what the manufacturer is planning. The leaker shared on the Chinese Weibo network Digital chat station in this regard, that Samsung has a sensor ready that larger than the Isocell GN2 should be. The latter is currently the company’s largest image sensor at 1/1.12 inches and is used in the Xiaomi 11 Ultra (camera test).

The exotic Japanese smartphones Leitz Phone 1, Sharp Aquos R7 and Sony Xperia Pro-I even have a 1-inch sensor. In the case of the Xperia model, the sensor comes from the Sony compact camera RX100 VII, but the smartphone cannot use the entire sensor area. This may change with a correspondingly large sensor from Samsung.

Is the Isocell HP1 coming to market soon?

Another leaker named Abhishek Yadav also spoke up shortly after Samsung’s teaser on Twitter. According to him, a Isocell HP1 with 200 megapixels. However, the HP1 with 200 megapixel resolution was already unveiled in September 2021. At full resolution, it can snap photos with 0.64 micrometer pixels, using binning it is alternatively 50 megapixels and 1.28 micrometers or 12.5 megapixels with 2.56 micrometer pixels.

For the presentation last September, it was said that sample copies would be distributed to partners. The HP1 has not yet appeared on the market. Maybe Samsung just wants to hint with the teaser that the HP1 sensor will soon be used in a smartphone. Maybe Xiaomi will install the HP1 in the still unannounced Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

Samsung already advertises with 200 megapixels

Just recently, Samsung’s semiconductor division published an info page about a promotion in which a huge billboard image was created by a 200-megapixel sensor. The exact sensor designation was not given, but it can only be the HP1 or an unannounced sensor.

It is possible that both leakers are correct in a way. It would be conceivable that the Isocell HP1 now has the ready for series production has reached and is greater than the GN1. The size of the HP1 was not mentioned in the original announcement.

By the way: A 1-inch sensor is not as big as it sounds. It measures 13.2 × 8.8 millimeters and the diagonal is 15.9 millimeters.


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