Russia is fighting sanctions: Uncle Vanya instead of McDonald’s, Fancy instead of Fanta

Russia is fighting sanctions: Uncle Vanya instead of McDonald’s, Fancy instead of Fanta
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The Russian people should not have to do without their beloved soft drinks …

Because of the bloody attack on the Ukraine Russia was hit with a lot of sanctions – big brands, giant corporations, world market leaders took off! The country of Kremlin dictator Wladimir Putin (69) must therefore now consider alternatives to popular brands.

And the Russians are only moderately creative.

In Russia there is now Fancy instead of Fanta, Uncle Vanya instead of McDonald’s and instead of Renaults cars from the Soviet era are now being produced again.

After Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Pepsi left the Russian market, the local manufacturer Ochakovo started to produce products in the design of the cult brands.

Cool Cola, Fancy and Street

That means: CoolCola instead of Coca-Cola in red, Fancy instead of Fanta – in the well-known orange – and Street instead of Sprite in the typical green.

► There was even a design change: Instead of the curved lettering like Coca-Cola, there is now block letters. The colors stayed.

CoolCola, Fancy und Street vom russischen Hersteller OchakovoPhoto: Twitter/Oh_89

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CoolCola, Fancy and Street from the Russian manufacturer OchakovoPhoto: Twitter/Oh_89

Manufacturer Ochakovo is not alone in trying to take advantage of Coca-Cola’s withdrawal.

► In April, a beverage maker based in eastern Russia, the Slavda Group, launched Grink Cola. In May, Syktyvkarpivo followed suit in the Komi region of northern Russia with its own Komi Cola soft drink brand.

Problem: They probably taste like the names Grink and Komi sound – so-so. Customers complained that none of the soft drinks were as “sweet and sparkling” as promised and known from the cola original.

According to the Russian news site Kommersant, while Coca-Cola has completely left Russia, Pepsi could return and produce special drinks ONLY for the Russian market.

Because: In the Russian production facilities there are still materials “for several months” in stock. The names of the new drinks? New Cola (Pepsi) and Fruitz (Mirinda and 7UP).

McDonald’s becomes Uncle Vanya

For one of biggest outcry in Russia was caused by the withdrawal of McDonald’s. In mid-March, the fast-food giant closed its stores in Moscow and the rest of the country. People rushed to the branches to get their last Big Mac before the BigWeg took place.

► As the US fast-food giant slowly closed its doors, a patent attorney promptly filed a trademark for a logo meant to represent a company that operates “snack bars, a coffee shop, cafeterias, restaurants, self-service restaurants.”

The name: “Uncle Vanya”. The logo: a McDonald’s logo tilted on its side.

Die Anmeldung beim Patentamt in Moskau zeigt das Logo für die Gastro-Kette „Onkel Wanja“. Auffällig: es ist einfach das McDonald's Logo auf die Seite gekippt wordenPhoto: Twitter/JoshGerben

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The registration at the patent office in Moscow shows the logo for the gastro chain “Onkel Vanya”. Striking: It’s a McDonald’s logo tilted on its sidePhoto: Twitter/JoshGerben

Russia makes no secret of the fact that well-known brands are being copied. Copyright infringement or not.

And it goes further!

Moscow is also reorienting itself in other sectors

Since the introduction of sanctions, Moscow has also made its way to the whole legal bootleg copies of films freed. Because: The big Hollywood studios, but also Netflix, have completely shut down their operations in Russia, unlike pirated copies, people can no longer get their favorite films.

Soft drinks, McDonald’s and films aren’t the only areas in which Moscow needs to rethink – it’s also about cars.

After the French car manufacturer Renault sold its shares in the Russian car manufacturer Avtovaz, Soviet cars of the Moskvitch brand will soon be produced again at the production plant in Moscow.

An official at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Denis Pak, told Russian state television that this “agreement” with Renault will allow continued production of the Renault Duster, now known as the Lada.


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