Rumours: RTX 4090 coming August, RTX 4000 and RX 7000 will be sold at MSRP

Rumours: RTX 4090 coming August, RTX 4000 and RX 7000 will be sold at MSRP
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This year there are new graphics cards with Geforce RTX 4000 and Radeon RX 7000 – but at what prices? A well-known leaker is already certain: the times of “price exaggeration” are over – for the time being. The RTX 4090 should start in August.

Hopes that Nvidia and AMD would already be showing their cards at Computex were not fulfilled. Currently, however, not a day goes by when the rumor mill about Geforce RTX 4000 and Radeon RX 7000 is not rekindled. Same today.

RTX 4000 in August?

Yesterday PCGH reported that Nvidia will first start with the provisional top model RTX 4090, before the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 will follow. At Ampere, the release went differently: first came the Geforce RTX 3080, then the RTX 3090 and two months later the RTX 3070. Now there are concrete indications of the launch roadmap by Videocardz: The RTX 4090 should be the first Ada card start in August. The RTX 4080 is to follow in September and the RTX 4070 in October. The plan is not completely set in stone, because many board partners still have lavish RTX 30 inventory that wants to be sold first. An announcement could still be made in July as planned, as previously reported.

Videocardz assumes that the RTX 4090 (AD102-330) and RTX 4080 (AD103-360) share the board called PG139. This information is new, even if it is not entirely clear whether the two GPUs are pin-compatible as a result.

RTX 4000 and RX 7000 at RRP?

Twitter user Greymon55, who, like other well-informed industry watchers, has already made some correct predictions, can be up to date about the prices of graphics cards. He writes that “here in China” the graphics card prices are completely below the RRP. At JD, for example, the Powercolor Radeon 6900 XT Red Devil costs the equivalent of 850 US dollars. For comparison, in Germany the mentioned Radeon costs exactly 999 euros, which is exactly the RRP for the second fastest RX 6000. The current situation leads Greymon55 to make an even more meaningful statement: “We can assume that the RTX 40 and the RX 7000 as RRP are sold,” said the Twitter user.

What that ultimately means for the absolute prices of the new generation will be seen later. Normally, the “right” prices leak very late, because AMD and Nvidia keep all options open until the very end. In the case of the refresh Radeons from AMD, however, it can be seen that the RRPs that have been communicated are strictly adhered to. So far there has been no significant deviation between street prices and RRP. With the RTX 3090 Ti recently launched by Nvidia, you can even see that the RRP has in the meantime been up to 10 percent below. But the Ti also had a pretty steep surcharge compared to the non-Ti. Overall, street prices are slowly converging towards list prices. It is difficult to predict whether a shortage of components and other factors that can hardly be controlled will lead to a price increase again.

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