RTL viewers stunned by the “summer house” occupation: “Probably a joke”

RTL viewers stunned by the “summer house” occupation: “Probably a joke”
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Mario Basler and Doris Büld move into the “summer house of the stars”.Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

“Das Sommerhaus der Stars” is one of the most successful trash shows on television and this year again sends various prominent (or less prominent) couples into the ring. Over the weekend, the broadcaster announced the cast for the next season, which has a few surprises in store: Several (former) professional soccer players are at the start, including none other than cult footballer Mario Basler.

The reactions on social media are almost incredulous. In any case, the composition of the candidates promises quite a bit of riot potential…

RTL viewers react to the “summer house” cast

With the former 1860 Munich player Sascha Mölders, another athlete can be found in the “summer house” alongside Basler. Above all, the participation of the 37-year-old and his wife Ivonne provides amusement on Twitter. For example, a user writes:

“I have to process the information that Sascha Mölders is going to the ‘summer house’ in a few days…”


The “summer house” viewers on Twitter mainly discuss Sascha Mölders.Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Mölders (“Die Wampe von Giesing”) has a cult following among the 1860 Munich fans, as an active player and assistant coach he was most recently at Sonnenhof Großaspach but only active in the Regionalliga Südwest. Now follows the surprising leap into reality TV. Another user scoffs at this: “From the top scorer in the 3rd league to the 5th league and into the ‘summer house of the stars’ – quite a descent for the Mölders in the last 12 months.”

Just kidding? This viewer apparently finds it difficult to believe RTL’s Mölders coup:

Basler and Mölders together in the “summer house” – this user is also quite amused. Last but not least, it is explosive: As an active player, Basler was known to have been under contract for several years with the big local rivals of 1860 Munich, FC Bayern.

Incidentally, trouble could already be inevitable for Basler and his partner Doris Büld, because as “rtl.de” reports, they usually sleep in separate beds. That’s exactly what you can’t assume without further ado in the “Summer House of the Stars”.

“Farmer is looking for a wife” stars finally in the “summer house of the stars”

By the way, Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer from “Bauer sucht Frau” will also be part of the next season. The couple had been in talks for the previous season, but participation had not yet materialized at the time. Now their relationship has to endure a real endurance test in front of the cameras.

Kader Loth and Ismet Atli are also fighting for the “summer house” victory in season seven, just like “DSDS” cult candidate Cosimo Citiolo and Nathalie Gaus, actor Stephen Dürr (“Unter uns”) and wife Katharina and ex-“Celebrity Big Brother” candidate Eric Sindermann and Katharina Hambuechen. The cast is completed by Youtuber Marcel Dähne and Lisa Wienberger.


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