“RTL high diving”: Lola Weippert happy about her breasts

“RTL high diving”: Lola Weippert happy about her breasts
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Lola Weippert came down unluckily from a jump.Image: RTL/ Markus Nass

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On Friday evening, 20 celebrities dared to compete in individual or synchronous duels in the “RTL high diving”. The name of the show may sound familiar to some, because of course it can be understood as a sequel to Stefan Raab’s production “Das TV total Turmsprung”. In any case, it is a new edition, because Raab has a finger in the pie here too. As a reminder: From 2004 to 2015, the stars and starlets plunged into the cool water. Instead of RTL, however, the format ran on Raab’s former house broadcaster ProSieben. The synchronized jumps by Elton and Stefan were particularly legendary.

Now 20 other celebrities more or less tried to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and show at the Europasportpark Berlin that their training in the swimming pool was excellent. Of course, they had to overcome their fears as best they could. Knossi in particular had to struggle with this in advance.

Lola Weippert also showed that water is not to be trifled with, as she injured herself while practicing. “The doctor says I don’t have a brain hemorrhage, which some of you have written to me, it’s probably just a couple of veins that burst and the bleeding was from the pressure,” Lola said on Instagram. This should not have reduced the stress level. In any case, the stars were able to get moral support from presenter Laura Wontorra, who led the evening with Jan Köppen and Frank Buschmann.

Here are the celebs at

Here you can see the celebrities doing the “RTL high diving”.Image: IMAGO/eventfoto54

Lola Weippert came up unhappily

With Lola’s first individual jump, everything went smoothly at first. In the clip she said: “I’m a moderator and I’ve been with RTL for three years now. I really enjoy moderating ‘Temptation Island’, the Bummsinsel. I was also allowed to moderate ‘Das Supertalent’. It’s all a huge privilege. I was allowed to take part in ‘Let’s Dance’. I have a lot of energy, sometimes too much, it can get annoying.” Finally, Lola talked about her nosebleed, which she got during training. But luckily that shouldn’t happen anymore today.

Lola Weippert was in a good mood.

Lola Weippert was in a good mood.Image: IMAGO/mix1

Before stepping onto the five-meter board, she honestly said, “I’m terribly jittery.” Presenter Laura Wontorra said after her jump: “What body tension.” Lola replied, “It feels very good.” Incidentally, she competed in synchronized jumping with her sister Charlotte. Jan Köppen was looking forward to the appearance of the two: “The two are rockets alone.” And further: “If you know Lola, who is very loud, and then her sister comes along, then it gets really loud.”

Lola also tried to score points with her sister Charlotte.

Lola also tried to score points with her sister Charlotte.Image: IMAGO/Future Image

The duo also performed a crouched dolphin dive from the five-meter board. Laura Wontorra then stated: “It was very, very good.” Lola added with amusement: “We could have done the Knossi, thank God it was better.” In fact, things didn’t go so well for Jens “Knossi” Knossalla and Mathias Mester.

The forward somersault at ten feet should cause a red back and stomach. The streamer said in the single player: “My physical condition is very bad. I like to sit on the computer, I like to snack. I failed the seahorse. It’s great to compete with Mathias Mester. I’m sorry he didn’t win Let’s Dance and has to fuck up with me here today.” Laura Wontorra was amused after her jump and said: “The clapping worked synchronously.”

Even Lola did not succeed in every jump.

Even Lola did not succeed in every jump.Image: IMAGO/eventfoto54

Lola’s next single jump wasn’t going to go smoothly either. Five meters up, she did a tucked forward somersault. As she jumped, she landed rudely, face first, in the water. Of course, Laura Wontorra didn’t miss it: “We have to count teeth.” Lola was quick to say of her performance: “It was so bad. You see, my face says goodbye. I’m glad I don’t have silicone breasts, I think they would have burst by now.”

Things went better with her synchronous jump. She and her sister Charlotte catapulted themselves into the finals. Still, Lola expressed surprise at their success afterward, as she didn’t expect them to make it that far. “It wasn’t a belly flop, but why are we in the final now? We don’t have a jump. If anyone has any ideas, please get in touch, we’re open to everything.” By the way, in the final they presented the dolphin dive again. They made it onto the winners’ podium and took second place. “I’m very happy about that, but I wouldn’t have thought it,” said Lola.

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