Rostock Seawolves fans celebrate their promotion heroes

Rostock Seawolves fans celebrate their promotion heroes
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The Rostock Seawolves won in Jena with a three-pointer in the last second with 77:76 (43:35) and are promoted to the Basketball Bundesliga for the first time. The team let the fans celebrate on Friday in front of the Rostock town hall.

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Around 1,500 people had gathered there to receive their heroes properly – and above all to celebrate. One of the well-wishers was Rostock’s Lord Mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen, who was there the night before as a fan with around 100 other Seawolves supporters in Jena. “It was just their turn,” Madsen called out to fans.

Seawolves captain Jost overwhelmed

Shortly after 7 p.m. the time had come: the team took the stage to frenetic applause. Captain Michael Jost admitted in an interview with NDR that he couldn’t really realize all of this just yet. “I feel like I’m still in the game as if it were only ten minutes ago,” said the 33-year-old.

Looking at the many happy Seawolves fans, he added: “This scenery here – you just have to enjoy it. You don’t get that often in life. They’re just happy, the people. That’s mega. It makes you feel good bit of tears.”

Dramatic final seconds in Jena

Tears of joy had flowed the night before. What a drama that was in the absolute crunch time! A good four seconds were still on the game clock on Thursday, the Rostockers were behind with 74:76, although they had previously led for a long time. Tyler Nelson got the ball, turned and shot his shot from well behind the three-point line in the basket – 77:76! The Seawolves players raced across the field, hugged the around 100 fans who had traveled with them, danced and celebrated – before the referees intervened.

There were still 0.2 seconds left. So line up again. In the certainty that Jena would not be enough to counterattack again. That’s how it happened, the 3-1 win in the “best of five” semi-final series for the North Germans was perfect, and the starting signal for the Rostock promotion party was given a second time.

VIDEO: NDR MV Live: Seawolves celebrate promotion to the BBL (19 min)

Seawolves coach Held: “Tyler delivered”

“In the end, of course, it’s also a bit lucky that such a throw falls in,” said a visibly battered player Rostock coach Christian Held. “But Tyler delivered.” The team structure is just in tact, and the team believed in themselves to the end: “Tyler had problems in the series, but has now delivered such a game. That’s exactly what this team is.”

The coup by the Seawolves has not escaped the attention of politicians in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania either. Rostock’s Lord Mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen traveled to Jena with him and celebrated the victory with a Seawolves jersey in the fan block. Sports Minister Stefanie Drese congratulated on behalf of the state government: “The promotion is the preliminary culmination of this extraordinary development of the club. It is sporting history and represents a milestone for basketball in our country,” said the SPD politician, praising the Seawolves’ performance.

Jena takes the lead seconds before the end

In Jena it had not looked like such a drama for a long time. The Seawolves had the game completely under control for a long time and were now leading by ten points. But in the last quarter the hosts came up and 45 seconds before the final siren suddenly took the lead 74:72 – for the first time in the game. The momentum spoke for the hosts until Nelson got the ball and made the Rostock BBL dream come true.

In the play-off final for the second division championship, the Mecklenburgers will now meet the Tigers Tübingen next Monday (7.30 p.m.). The second leg will then take place on May 21st. Both finalists have the right to advance, but only the Seawolves have applied for the BBL license.

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