Rammstein in Hamburg: Messerwetzen, cannons and fire columns

Rammstein in Hamburg: Messerwetzen, cannons and fire columns
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When Rammstein comes, it burns: Both concerts of the band in front of 50,000 fans in Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion offered a brutal stage show on Tuesday and Wednesday with classics and songs from the new album.

by Susanne Wilm

On two mild early summer evenings in a row, the Rammstein fans were able to experience the gigantic stadium show in Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion. A huge tower and hundreds of searchlights dominated the gigantic steel construction in metal colors. On Wednesday, the legendary Berlin band tweeted the first photos of Wednesday’s concert on their social media account – with the request: “Come in my boat, Hamburg!”

Live, Rammstein has lost none of its radiance and steel power

Pyrotechnics, clouds of smoke, a huge stage: Even after 28 years, Rammstein have lost none of their steely power live. The thousand-voice choir sings along in Hamburg.

The XXL stage with an industrial look – 60 meters wide and up to 36 meters high – is the perfect backdrop for the legendary Berlin band, which has lost none of its radiance and steel power even after 28 years.

Rammstein have coined the term “new German hardness” at home and, above all, abroad. With the first loud and vibrating basses, the show begins for all the senses and the thousand-voiced choir immediately sings along.

When Rammstein comes, it burns to the brute music

90 trucks had to be deployed, and a total of 1,350 tons of material were moved. And Rammstein deliver – whether real classics or songs from the new album, frontman Till Lindemann rolls his “R” into the microphone, moves martially to the brute music, sharpens his knives and rides a cannon.

The gigantic stage of the band Rammstein in the Volksparkstadion Hamburg © Screenshot

Two evenings full of musical power and Rammstein riffs: the legendary Berliners play classics and songs from the new album. The brute sound can be heard far outside the stadium.

What Rammstein will deliver that evening should be unique in the world. Flames kept shooting up from the main stage and four other towers in the middle of the audience. The mainly black-clad fans are also inflamed: “This show is amazing, you have to see it!”

Uncompromising, loud, brutal: Rammstein in Hamburg

Rammstein is known for its large-scale fire shows. Between spraying sparks and pillars of fire, there is always something for the fans to discover during the two-hour mega show. The fire comes from all directions. The 59-year-old singer Till Lindemann trained as a pyrotechnician. It’s not necessarily Rammstein’s music that draws fans to the stage. It’s the power of their performances.

CD cover: Rammstein

The Berlin metal band around singer Till Lindemann (3rd from left) released their new album “Zeit” on April 29th.

A fan says: “I don’t listen to this music privately, but I’ve wanted to see this gigantic show for a long time”. Oversized, overloud and the legendary Rammstein riffs: the band now wants to show the show to Europe, especially in North America, on the tour, which has been postponed twice due to corona. Fire, fireworks and bang belong to Rammstein’s songs. A larger dimension than this tour is hard to imagine.

CD cover: Rammstein - Zeit © Universal Music

AUDIO: Only for fans: The new Rammstein album “Zeit” (4 min)

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CD cover: Rammstein - Zeit © Universal Music

Since the release of their eighth studio album “Zeit”, Rammstein have been touring through Europe – and are coming to Hamburg on June 15th. more

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