Rainbow Six Siege: Next Season “Operation Vector Glare” fully revealed – details and trailer

Rainbow Six Siege: Next Season “Operation Vector Glare” fully revealed – details and trailer
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With Operation Vector Glare, players get a firing range, another attacker, and a new focus on the story with the introduction of squads. Ubisoft has revealed all the details about the content.

Yesterday evening Ubisoft revealed the new features of the next season of the tactical shooter “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege”. In “Operation Vector Glare” the new attacker Sens, a shooting range and more await the players.

Long-requested features and a new operator

At the shooting range you can try out the guns with different attachments in order to get a feel for the recoil. You have both classic targets and dummies available. So you can always get used to the game before throwing yourself into the first games of the day.

Furthermore, the developers are trying to focus more on the story behind the various special units and the relationships between the characters. This should also help you better understand the alliances among the operators, which is why they are divided into different squads. Nighthaven and Wolfguard are the first.

Led by Kali, Nighthaven brings together characters from her private military enterprise or with particularly advanced technology. On the other hand, Doc sends Wolfguard into battle, relying on Search & Rescue and Medical specialists. More squads are expected to be added throughout the year.

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But now we come to Sens. The first non-binary character in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will belong to Wolfguard and will be able to use the gadget to block enemy line of sight. This can revive injured teammates or help comrades who are in a bind. Sens rolls a ball into space that creates a blue-green wall of light that also bounces off surfaces. However, you can still shoot and walk through the barrier. It’s ultimately just a privacy screen, with Glaz and Warden also being able to see through the wall.

Concrete impressions of the new season “Operation Vector Glare”, the operator Sens and the shooting range can also be found in the following videos. The new season will start in two weeks.

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