PS5 – Snakebyte Headset Adapt 5 imt review: This cheap adapter solves an annoying problem of the PlayStation 5

PS5 – Snakebyte Headset Adapt 5 imt review: This cheap adapter solves an annoying problem of the PlayStation 5
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We tested the PS5 gadget Snakebyte BT Headset Adapt 5 for you, because it eliminates an annoying problem with the console.

Snakebyte BT Headset:Adapt 5 is supposed to solve a problem of the PS5. (Source: Screenshot Netzwelt)

The PS5 has two USB ports on the back and only one on the front. So if you plug a wired device up front, a second player has to crawl behind the TV cabinet with their cable and plug in their controller. This is of course annoying and surprising at the same time, because previous consoles usually had two USB ports on the front.

But that’s the situation now. But you can remedy this with a small gadget, namely the Snakebyte BT Headset:Adapt 5. This is a small adapter that you simply plug into the headphone jack of your DualSense controller. You simply connect your headphones, headsets or Bluetooth speaker via Bluetooth 5.0 and can thus enjoy the game sound, music from apps and voice chat without using a USB port on the PlayStation.

Danger! One of the few permanently available solutions to get a PS5 is currently offered by Media Markt and Saturn. There you get the PS5 in a bundle with a mobile phone tariff.

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That sounds great, in the test it works well. The Adapt 5 is inconspicuously small and doesn’t really bother the controller. The four buttons offer basic functions: mute, connect (“pairing”) and volume control.

Snakebyte BT Headset:Adapt 5

You can see what the adapter looks like in these pictures.

Within two hours, the adapter is charged with the supplied USB-C cable, which is a little short at 20 centimeters in length. One charge should then last for 18 hours of operation.

Establish a Bluetooth connection

The pairing works by briefly pressing the “Pair” button on the gadget, an LED light alternately lights up red and blue. Meanwhile, it is important to turn on the pairing function of the Bluetooth headphones or speakers. After a short time, a connection should be established and the LED light should be solid blue.

But set your PS5 so that the sound output via the controller is activated, otherwise you will not hear any sound. If you still don’t hear anything, check whether you accidentally pressed the mute button or whether the volume is turned all the way down.

We tested the two earbud sets Nothing Ear 1 and Sennheiser CX 400 BT and the Teufel Rockster Go speaker. All of these devices work.


There are drawbacks in terms of sound quality. A slight background noise can be heard several times, sometimes the maximum volume is a bit low and overall there is a lack of dynamics, impact and clarity when you use this gadget.

The headphones and speakers all sound better when connected to other sources, such as Spotify on mobile. However, the sound quality is definitely sufficient for a quick gaming session. You don’t buy the adapter, which costs only 20 euros, to indulge in the performances of your opera collection.

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With the Headset:Adapt 5 BT, Snakebyte solves an annoying situation and those who can do without real audio enjoyment should consider buying it at a very fair price.

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