PS5 Scuf Reflex – Most Expensive & Best PlayStation 5 Controller? – Trial

PS5 Scuf Reflex – Most Expensive & Best PlayStation 5 Controller?  – Trial
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In November 2020, Sony released the PS5 including a brand new controller: the DualSense. In the meantime, the controller is no longer only available in white with black accents, but also in different colors such as Midnight Black, Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, Galactic Purple and Cosmic Red. Sony currently does not offer any more differences with the official DualSense.

Do you want your controller for the PS5 adapt to your own needs and add various features, then there are hardly any suitable providers apart from modding. The controller specialists at SCUF now offer a good, albeit quite expensive, alternative.

SCUF Reflex put to the test

Next to the SCUF Instinct Prowhich we already have for that Xbox Series X testedyou can look at the Manufacturer’s website with help of a extensive configurator create your own SCUF Reflex for PS5 and PC. That’s exactly what we did to investigate whether SCUF’s pro controller is really worth it for the PS5.

What is SCUF anyway? In 2019 has corsair took over the controller specialist SCUF. The US company is known for its innovative technology and invented, among other things, the chic paddles for the Xbox Elite Controller. The third-party controllers generally shine with quality and customizability.

  • Costs: from 239.99 euros
  • compatibility: PS5 & PC
  • wireless and wired Connection (USB-C)
  • Where do I buy the controller? Directly from the official Scuf store

The SCUF Reflex: Build your own PS5 controller

Our test of the SCUF Reflex began in the extensive but at the same time very clearly designed configurator in the official SCUF store. Here you start with the general coloring of the controller and decide on the basic tone in one of the nine possible colors. While black and white can each be added for free, one of the other colors requires an additional subscription 14.99 euros at the hefty base price of 239.99 euros pay.

The SCUF configurator offers you many options, but they all have their price.

In addition, you have the choice whether you 29.99 euros one extra front panel ordered for the controller. You can choose between total 23 different designs, from cool to very wacky. The cover can be removed at any time if you no longer like the design or if it has become too boring. Individual plates can also be reordered separately in the SCUF store.

Of course, this does not apply to the colors that you can define in the next steps for the touchpad, the buttons, the thumbsticks, the triggers and other elements of the controller. Once ordered, you’ll have to live with your custom design (unless you hide your design with a front panel).

We opted for a fairly inconspicuous exterior and, in addition to black and white, primarily opted for light gray and steel gray. The result is impressive, isn’t it?

SCUF Reflex

There are also various features that you can choose from. For example, it is up to your personal feeling whether the thumbsticks are both short or long or, for example, one concave shape (curved inwards). For example, a short stick on the left and a long thumbstick on the right side is ideal for first-person shooters – perfect for fast movements on the left and precision and accuracy on the right.

Although the normal DualSense from Sony already has a slightly roughened surface on the handles, with the SCUF Reflex you can opt for an extra rubber coating for the perfect grip. Even with sweaty hands, you always have the controller under control.

Finally, there is the choice for or against the vibration function of the controller as well as the normal adaptive DualSense trigger or mechanical instant bumpers that trigger much faster and emit a clearly audible click. An important feature for shooter players.

Also on the back are total four configurable paddleswhich can offer a decisive difference in games.

SCUF Reflex

Ergonomics in the SCUF Reflex

We’re honest, even the normal DualSense is fantastic in the hand and many controllers from other manufacturers are in the shade. The adaptive triggers and other PS5 functions make the periphery a piece of technology to love.

SCUF builds on this basis with the Reflex. Starting with the rubberized handles, the result is an even better feel. Even during hours of sweaty boss battles in Elden ring the SCUF Reflex never let us down. Apart from a few grams, the weight is almost identical to the normal DualSense. Only the attached paddles make a small difference. In summary, the Reflex fits perfectly in small to medium sized hands.

SCUF Reflex

Shooter players will love it

The ones mentioned Paddles on the back not just add four more buttons to the DualSense, but a completely new control experience. Eventually, this allows you to keep your thumbs on the sticks and instead use your fingers, which would otherwise remain passive. As a result, you have a shorter editorial time, which can make the decisive difference, especially with fast shooters like “Rainbox Six: Siege”.

But if you have never had anything to do with paddles on a controller before, you definitely have to get used to the new possibilities. The SCUF Reflex has three preset paddle profiles to make it easier to get started. To switch between them, all you have to do is press the profile button on the back of the controller. A mode is offered for:

  • BLUE: First Person Shooter/Battle Royale
  • RED: Sports
  • GREEN: Run

If you have gotten used to the new paddles or just can’t find a configuration that suits you, you can also create your own setup. Each paddle can be reassigned in a matter of seconds to configure the controls that are perfect for you.

instant trigger: If, like us, you decided to use the instant triggers when configuring the SCUF Reflex, you will have to do without the adaptive triggers, but this gives you a clear advantage for fast, competitive first-person shooters.

Due to the shorter and more direct release path of the mechanical switches, shooting with the trigger is comparable to a gaming mouse. Individually aimed shots not only feel more precise, but also leave your virtual weapon faster. When it comes to milliseconds, the perfect choice.

SCUF Reflex

Important NOTE: You should definitely think about what kind of SCUF controller you want in advance. After all, racing games, for example, cannot be played with the instant triggers. So if you prefer to play racing games or games optimized for the features of the DualSense such as “Returnal” or “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart”, adaptive triggers are much more immersive. So be sure to consider this when configuring.

Conversion work made easy

If you want to adapt your controller to new conditions or change the look, you can easily do it yourself. The top of the SCUF Reflex can be completely removed, allowing you to replace the thumbsticks, the anti-friction rings and the entire faceplate. You don’t have to worry about breaking anything. The conversion is very easy and quick to do.

The biggest point of criticism: the price

But we don’t want to beat about the bush, the SCUF Reflex has a big catch – the price. This begins at the beginning of the configuration with already stately 239.99 euros. In comparison, the regular DualSense brings it up 69.99 euros and in different color variations 74.99 euros.

But the price range is far from exhausted. For almost every change, one or the other additional euro is incurred. The left ring in red? Makes another 2.49 euros. instant trigger? 44.99 euros. Buttons in a different color? 12.99 euros. Extra grip on the handles? 24.99 euros.

With our test controller, we arrive at an amount of around 350 Euro. Then you decide on one Player Pack with a protective cover, gamer grip, an extra pack of thumbsticks and a three-meter-long USB cable, you’ll have to eat again 44.99 euros put …. on the table. After all, when you buy a controller, you get a discount of 34 percent on the player pack.

In summary, you can easily spend 400 euros to hold your own, self-designed controller in your hands. In the absence of many alternatives and in view of the convincing quality and ergonomics of the SCUF Reflex, it might at least be worth considering – if you are a really ambitious gamer and your controller has to offer the best performance at all times.

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